How To Properly Do The Louisville Chugger

Back in November of last year we introduced you to a tailgating game called Lousiville Chugger. Over the past year I have seen countless YouTube videos of people doing the Louisville Chugger (some call it dizzy bat) and I would say about 90% of the people are doing it wrong. So seriously folks if you are going to do it, do it right, MmmKay? Stay with me and learn how to do it correctly.

Here are the basics:

1. Take a plastic wiffle ball bat and cut off one of the ends. (preferably the handle end)
2. Pour in a can of beer or two.
3. Chug the beer from the bat while friends time how long it takes you to finish. They can use their watch but most just count out loud how many seconds it takes you to pound the beer.
4. Once the beer is all gone put your head on the bat and make as many revolutions around the bat as it took seconds to finish the beer. (i.e. it took you 8 seconds to chug the beer, you now have to make eight spins around the bat.)
5. Have a tailgating neighbor toss the empty can at you so that you can try to hit it.
6. Hilarity ensues.

Sounds simple, right? The problem I have seen in all these online videos comes during the spinning part of the game. The part that everyone seems to be screwing up on is the fact that BOTH bat ends must be in contact with the ground and your forehead during the spinning. That means you do not just bend over and twirl like a ballerina with the bat in front of you like you are bowing to a Head of State. You also do not hop in circles while bent over. Here is a video of the IMPROPER way to do a Louisville Chugger.

YouTube video

Now let’s take a look at a technique that starts off good but diminishes by the end.


And now a proper way to pull off a Louisville Chugger. He has some breaks in his technique but you get the idea he is doing it right.


I would challenge you all to take this information, make your own Louisville Chugger video and submit it to I will then share it with the world as how to do a “textbook” Louisville Chugger. Who has money on someone from the Dead Tree Crew being the first one to provide video proof of how it is supposed to be done?

Class dismissed. No go out there and tailgate like you know what the hell you are doing.

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