Tailgating Ideas Radio Show

Tailgating Ideas Radio LogoIt’s 2011 and it seems as though almost everyone and their brother has a podcast… except us. But that may be changing depending on the response we get from you.

Brandon Gunning, one of the writers and contributors to TailgatingIdeas.com, made a suggestion regarding doing a regular internet radio show that focuses on tailgating and the tailgate party lifestyle. The show might be a great way to bring the readers of this tailgating blog closer to the tailgate party lifestyle and a way to voice their opinion about what is going on within their own tailgating realm. We could bring on guests to discuss the latest tailgating gear, new techniques, issues facing tailgaters and anything else that tailgaters would be interested in hearing about. So here is the question we would like answered… Would you listen to an internet radio show about tailgating?

If you answered yes, we’d appreciate some feedback regarding the following questions. Feel free to leave your answers in the comment box below this post.

  • How often should we do it? (weekly, twice a month, monthly)
  • What days and times would work best for you listen?
  • Would you call in and join the discussion or just like to listen in?
  • What types of topics would you like covered?
  • What tailgating topics would you like us to avoid?
  • What types of guests would you be interested in hearing?

As of right now we are on the fence as to if we should start a regular radio show or not. But if you the readers would tune in and would like for us to host one, who are we to say no? Leave your comments below and if the response is positive, keep an eye out for our first radio show in the near future.