Pub Washers: A Different Way to Play Washers While Tailgating

Pub WashersWhen it comes to tailgating games, throwing something through the air is the activity that seems to dominate the tailgating lot. Whether it is cornhole, ladder golf, beer pong, or even original washers, tossing objects while pre-gaming is synonymous with tailgating. Now it is time to add Pub Washers into the mix as a great tailgating game option.

Pub Washers is a portable tabletop game made for indoor or outdoor play. Ideally suited for a tailgate party, Pub Washers is small enough to travel easily and is attractive enough for the home game room when your team is playing on the road. Unlike traditional washer toss games, Pub Washers is meant to be played on an elevated surface like a folding table or even the bed/tailgate of your truck. The ideal height is 29 inches above the ground which is the standard height of most tables. Since Pub Washers has a smaller playing surface compared to traditional washer toss games you place on the ground, this tailgating game requires a little more aim and finesse. Another major difference is that you stand six (6) feet away from the front edge of the game box to make your throws. As you can see from the photos below, the carpeted scoring surface is encompassed by an attractive box with a trough to catch errant tosses. With Pub Washers, there is no more bending down and picking up washers off of a filthy tailgating parking lot. (Click images to view the Pub Washer game board in larger detail.)


Pub Washers Front View

Pub Washers Side ViewPub Washers Rear ViewPub Washers Overhead ViewPub Washers Scoring Tower

So now that you have seen the game, here is how it played. Check out this video explaining the rules of Pub Washers from Mick Terich, the creator of Pub Washers.

YouTube video

In addition to playing Pub Washers by the original rules, Mick Terich has also developed Pub Washer Golf. This game is played on the same Pub Washers game board but with different scoring and strategy. Instead of scoring on any of the three holes, scoring is only allowed on a specific hole at one time. You can play nine or 18 holes of Pub Washer Golf and the scoring is much like regular golf. Mick is back with another video explaining the ins and outs of playing Pub Washer Golf.

YouTube video

So now that you have heard the rules of both traditional Pub Washers and Pub Washer Golf, if you would like to see a simulated game demonstration, I would highly encourage you to visit Mick’s YouTube Channel to see all of his videos. They are very informative and offer up a great way to see the skill and strategy that goes into playing Pub Washers and Pub Washer Golf.

If you are looking for a new tailgating game that puts a new twist on the same old washer-tossing games, I highly recommend Pub Washers to any tailgater. The Pub Washers game board is sturdy and durable yet lightweight enough to transport to a tailgate party with no problem. It measures approximately 31 inches long, 19 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches high so it can easily fit into anyone’s vehicle they use to go tailgating. I enjoyed Pub Washers so much that I have decided to offer it for sale directly from our online tailgating store, When you purchase Pub Washers you’ll receive One (1) Pub Washers game board, Six (6) steel washers, One (1) six-inch (6″) wooden magnet, five (5) Pub Washer Golf score cards and complete rules for Pub Washers, Pub Washers Golf and the Skins game. The total price for the basic Pub Washers set is $125 plus a $35 flat rate shipping to the 48 continental United States. (Alaska and Hawaii residents need to make special shipping arrangements.) The handmade wood scoring tower is optional and is an additional $15. You also can get powder-coated washers in gloss black and white, three in each color, for an additional $9. If you would like the game board plus the powder-coated washers and scoring tower, just select the Pub Washers “The Works” option below.

The 2009 NFL and college football season is rapidly approaching. If you want a brand new game in the tailgating parking lot that helps you stand out from the crowd, Pub Washers and Pub Washer Golf is your game. To purchase your own, visit the Pub Washers product page over at our online tailgating store,