Cool New Tailgating Game Sholf

Hot girl playing Sholf at a San Diego Chargers tailgate partyFinding a new and fun tailgating game is always a challenge. Sure, washer toss and cornhole are fun, but you want your tailgate party to stand out from the rest. Everyone loves to play shuffle board at the bar. Packing up the entire shuffleboard table is really not feasible to play while tailgating. Everyone loves to play golf. Can you really play nine or 18 holes when you are tailgating in a parking lot? What if you could combine the two and turn it into a cool new tailgating game? We present to you, Shuffleboard + Golf = Sholf. (Hot girl pictured not included.)

The old Sholf design (Pictured at left) is sold out. The newest redesign of Sholf can be seen further down the page or click HERE to see the newest design in a different window.

The game is played a lot like shuffleboard but with golf putters and golf balls. There are a few slight rule differences but the basic concept is still in place. A rectangular strip of artificial turf painted with some scoring lines, two sets of differently colored golf balls and two or four golf putters depending on how many people make up a team. Roll it out, place the balls on one end, alternate turns and you are playing Sholf. One major rule difference in Sholf compared to regular table shuffleboard is that each team is allowed one mulligan ball. For more information on the exact rules of Sholf, check out their rules page which even includes a Flash demonstration showing one round of Sholf using the mulligan ball.

Of course since this is your tailgate party and you can do whatever the hell you want, you can make up your own rules. I am sure you can integrate taking shots of tequila or shotgunning a beer into the rules if you so choose. Far be it from us to discourage integrating alcoholic beverage consumption into a tailgating game…

Sholf is a great alternative to the same old bean bag and washer toss games you have seen a million times at every tailgating parking lot in the nation. Sholf is just another option for those of you looking for a different tailgate party game. Playing Sholf at your next tailgate party is a surefire way to make your tailgate stand out. Sholf includes:

  • 1 left/right handed putter
  • 1 Sholf putting green
  • 4 white Sholf golf balls
  • 4 yellow Sholf golf balls
  • 1 carrying/storage bag
  • 2 five foot rope borders to stop over-putted balls.