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We’ve been blogging about tailgating since 2007 and we have seen trends within the industry come and go. One aspect of tailgating that continues to grow is the increase in popularity in the game of beer pong. Not only are more people playing it in the tailgate lots but more and more manufacturers and companies are coming out with new products to satisfy that insatiable demand.

We recently had the opportunity to test and review Point Pong, a highly versatile beer pong game that is a unique, patent pending Beer Pong table that is multifunctional in use. Take a look at some photos we snapped while out tailgating with Point Pong before a San Diego Chargers game along with other photos showcasing the versatility of Point Pong.

As you can see in the photos, Point Pong is just as at home in a tailgating parking lot as it is in a pool. To make the transition off of the free standing posts and stands, take the racks off, install the cups holders, turn a few party cups upside down and trap air underneath them. You now have a floating beer pong rack and the game can continue in the water. That is an additional feature to Point Pong but when we tested the product, we did it in a parking lot before a football game. We knew this would be the environment you the tailgaters would want to know how it performed in more than how it works in a pool. Here is what we found.

When the sample Point Pong arrived, we noticed at first how compact the entire set was. It comes in its own carrying bag complete with handles and a removable shoulder strap. Obviously portability is a huge determining factor whether a product is tailgate approved and Point Pong passed this initial test easily. The carrying bag itself measures 23″ x 7.5″ x 20.5″ and weighs just 11 pounds. This compact size and weight makes it ideal for tailgating and tailgate parties and saves valuable room in your car for other tailgating gear. Portability and space consciousness were both passed with flying colors.

Next test was craftsmanship and durability. We all know we as tailgaters demand our tailgating gear to withstand some serious abuse of getting packed up and put away multiple times during the course of a season. And we don’t just want a product that will last one tailgating season. We want them to last for years when subjected to normal use in a tailgating lot. Although Point Pong is lightweight does not mean the quality and craftsmanship is not there. The bases and posts are very sturdy without being too heavy and the racks can withstand some pressures as well. Durability test was passed as well.

While out tailgating we all know that set up and break down time is critical. Tailgaters do not want to be spending half their time in the parking lot setting something up or taking it down because that cuts into their pre-game partying time. I didn’t put a stop watch on setting up the Point Pong but I estimate it took about 90 seconds to get the bases, posts and racks set up properly. Placing the party cups in each rack took about 30 seconds and filling the cups with beer about another minute. So within about three to five minutes at the most, we had a beer pong game up and running in the parking lot. The set up and tear down test was passed easily.

Versatility test included being able to play beer pong the “traditional” way but also modifying the game to meet unique needs. Standard beer pong tables are 8′ long and 2′ wide. Point Pong includes a string that attaches to the front of each Point Pong rack. When extended and stretched to the point the line is taught, the two bases are exactly eight feet apart. If you prefer a faster game or don’t have that much room in your tailgating spot, just move the bases closer together. And for those who prefer to bounce the balls, simply place a card table in the middle for those who like to bounce their balls. We already mentioned the ability to play it in the pool so honestly, this product passes the versatility test with ease.

Last test was the uniqueness and the “wow” factor. Once we were done playing a game and snapping photos of the Point Pong set, we left it up next to our tailgating space. This was done in case we wanted to play another game but also to get people’s reactions as they would walk by. We spent a lot of time answering questions about what it is and where to find one and many people remarked how they had never seen anything like it. Based on those reactions, Point Pong definitely got high marks on the uniqueness of it’s look and play.

Overall, in regards to tailgating, we found the versatility of Point Pong to be its greatest asset. The convenient carrying case does not take up much space in your tailgating vehicle which leaves more room for other tailgating items, i.e. a bigger cooler for extra beer. When set it up in our tailgating space, Point Pong also was a winner in that tailgaters do not have to carve out a 8′ x 2′ space in order to play beer pong. And after the tailgate and the game or concert is over, you can continue the fun by putting Point Pong in the pool and have a game of floating beer pong.

Based on all these factors we can say with the highest confidence that Point Pong is “Tailgate Approved”. We thought so highly of this game and its uniqueness, versatility and game play, that we have chosen to add it to our online tailgating gear store. Point Pong sells for $125 plus $16 shipping and handling and you can get one of your own by clicking HERE