A few years ago, having a TV in the parking lot while tailgating was only reserved for those high end tailgaters or those with an RV. Now with the price of flat screen TVs extremely affordable and a multitude of portable satellite TV options out there, having a TV while tailgating is not reserved for the super rich. But despite the proliferation of TVs in the parking lot the same problem remains no matter what kind of a tailgater you happen to be. Where to put it so that it is safe but visible for everyone? If only you could mount your TV off the back of your car much like your home TV is mounted to your wall. Now you can. Introducing the Hitch-N-View.

As you can see from the gallery above, the Hitch-N-View is a portable TV mount that attaches to the rear of your vehicle via the 2″ tow hitch receiver. We were sent a sample of the Hitch-N-View to test out to see if it could withstand the rigors of a real tailgating environment. Not to get too ahead of ourselves but we found the Hitch-N-View to be “Tailgate Approved”.

(Disclaimer: We received a sample of the Hitch-N-View for free. The fact this sample was provided to us in no way influenced our opinion of the product nor did it impact our ability to test and review the Hitch-N-View fairly and objectively.)

When we first got the Hitch-N-View and opened up the box my first impression was how few pieces there were that needed assembly. Obviously right out the gate, little assembly needed is always a huge plus in my book. The next thing I noticed was that it was light weight but could tell by picking it up, the craftsmanship was of a quality that would withstand the stresses of tailgating.

I started assembling the Hitch-N-View and it took me about five to 10 minutes to get it set up and ready to put on the back of my SUV. I placed the mounting brackets on the back of my flat screen TV and was ready to go. I just slid the Hitch-N-View into my tow hitch receiver and placed my own hitch pin through the holes to hold it steady. I then unfolded the lower tray and placed my DVR on there and then ran the cables to the back of the TV. Once the cables were connected I powered up the TV and DVR and then started looking for a satellite signal. The total set up took less than five minutes and once my satellite programming was downloaded I was watching college football off the back of my SUV. Take a look at this quick video I shot while testing it.


As you can see in the video, one of the great features of the Hitch-N-View is that is places your TV in a highly visible viewing area. If people are seated in tailgating chairs behind your car, the TV is a perfect eye level. Because you typically will have a pop-up tent or some sort of shade back there, the TV will also be shaded and not subject to glare. The mounting brackets hold the TV on the Hitch-N-View well and even if the TV is bumped by someone walking by or, God forbid, an errant football is thrown into it, the TV will not tip over had it been on a stand on a table. The TV will only come off the Hitch-N-View when you want it to come off once it is time to head into the game.

The Hitch-N-View is designed to be transported to the tailgate party inside your vehicle and then attached once you are parked. It is recommended that you do not place a TV more than 200 pounds on the Hitch-N-View and to always use a hitch pin when in use. The Hitch-N-View will accommodate flat screen TVs up to 40″ or less. This is not because the Hitch-N-View could not hold that size and weight of TV but more because of the screw pattern on the back of the TVs larger than 40″. If you have a larger TV, it will require a special order to use the Hitch-n-View. It is recommended you do not place anything over 20 pounds on the receiver tray and of course, don’t stand or sit on it. It is not designed for that.

Overall, we liked the Hitch-N-View and think this is a great accessory to add to anyone’s tailgating kit. Not only did we give it the TailgatingIdeas.com “Tailgate Approved” stamp but because we feel it is a quality product designed specifically for tailgating, we have chosen to offer it in our online tailgating gear store. The Hitch-N-View sells for $79.95 plus $10 shipping. You can get your own Hitch-N-View by clicking HERE.