Tow Hitch TV Mounts After You Park

With football season rapidly approaching I have been getting quite a few emails asking me about the Tow Hitch TV. You may recall back in 2007 we discovered the Tow Hitch TV that uses your 2″ tow hitch receiver to mount a flat screen TV off the back of your truck or SUV. Many of the questions asked pertain to if you can drive while the Tow Hitch TV is attached to the back of your vehicle. The simple answer is no.

The Tow Hitch TV is meant to be transported in the bed of your truck or inside the cargo area of your SUV while the vehicle is in motion. It is after you park your vehicle is the right time to place the Tow Hitch TV into your trailer hitch. This will free up valuable table space your flat screen would require if it were mounted on a stand. Also, the Tow Hitch TV also places the flat screen at eye level for those sitting in folding chairs.

Tow Hitch TV

You can purchase your very own Tow Hitch TV directly from our online tailgating store, The cost of the unit itself (you supply the flat screen TV, of course) is $200 + $30 flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States. All Tow Hitch TV mounts ship from Pasadena, California.