MailBag: Clarification on Party-A-CarGo

tailgating_ideas_mailbag.jpgApparently the guys over at Party-A-CarGo caught wind that we wrote an article about their tow hitch kegerator/entertainment unit. (If you are new here and don’t know what the hell I am talking about, read the Tow Hitch Mounted Kegerator article and watch the YouTube video to get up to speed.) A few days ago I got an email from one of the guys from Party-A-CarGo. He wanted to shed some light on his product and of course, offered up a little butt smooching to me for sending him some web hits. Rather than edit the original article I wrote about the Party-A-CarGo kegerator, I’ll post the entire email here for two reasons. No. 1: I need a good excuse to pop the cherry on this mailbag category. No. 2: The email sums all the facts up better than I can paraphrase.

Hey Dave. Hope all is well.

Just wanted to send you a quick note as I saw hits coming to our website from I love what you guys are doing. And I can’t help but like that you’re giving us a plug by posting the YouTube video of Party-A-CarGo.

I also couldn’t help but notice the comments posted. The one regarding the lack of price on our website. Clever. Yet true. We do not currently have the price on our website because our primary audience is distributors. We don’t generally sell one-offs although we certainly can. But that leads right into your comment about being affordable.

That being said, our standard unit retails for about $2800. The audio/video systems are completely customizable meaning the price can vary significantly. Below is some additional background on our product.

Party-A-CarGo, from Concord CA, has developed a product that will revolutionize the tailgating industry. We’ve developed the only self-contained beer kegerator/entertainment system that mounts to the standard hitch on a truck or SUV. This product is the most impressive, convenient, and cost effective way to tailgate.

Do you know folks who are taking up all their cooler space with beer cans? Running out of ice and drinking warm beer? Or worse yet, running out of beer? How about killing their vehicle battery because they’re listening to the radio in the parking lot or camp ground? Party-A-CarGo has solved these problems.

With Party-A-CarGo tailgaters will be able to:

  • Pour up to 160 ice cold keg beers all day long with only one keg and a 20-pound bag of ice
  • Play the highest quality sound for up to 12 hours without using your vehicle’s battery
  • Head into your event without having to clear up empty beer cans or load heavy and dirty coolers back into their vehicle

Our product offers a newly produced, patent pending portable chiller system with foam suppression technology. Pour the perfect ice-cold beer anywhere, anytime.

Constructed of 16-Gauge polished diamond-plate aluminum with locking doors, 3″ caster wheels and a standard 2″ hitch mount, Party-A-CarGo mounts to a standard hitch for easy transport. Once at your destination, simply open the locking doors and serve ice-cold keg beer, listen to a high-quality sound system and even watch TV on a flat- panel LCD screen to keep track of other ongoing events. All this is without using the power source from your vehicle.

The tailgating industry has a huge market opportunity. With 32 NFL teams, 119 Division I-A college football programs, and 38 NASCAR weekends that attract 150,000 fans to the four-day events, tailgaters are getting more and more sophisticated in their parking lot parties. Party-A-CarGo has developed a product that will take it to the next level.

So there you have it tailgating fans. It’s a pretty sweet set-up if you can afford to part with about 3 grand. You can get your own Part-a-Cargo directly from our online tailgating shop and buy your own Tow Hitch Kegerator.