Gangsta Rappers Step Aside – Tailgaters Have You Beat

towhitchtv.jpgHave you ever seen an episode of MTV Cribs or Pimp My Ride where some Hip Hop Star is showing off his SUVs complete with TV monitors in the headrest? You probably thought to yourself, “that would be cool to have at my next tailgate party”. But how big are those LCD screens anyways? 7.2 or 9.2 inch screens at best. Well, leave it to the tailgating community to blow those puny screens right out of the water. What if there was a way you could tailgate with a 50″ LCD without taking up any extra room in your SUV or the back of your truck? Yet again, the tailgating public has spoken and created the Tow Hitch TV.

Freedom Grill FG-50 Traveling Propane Grilling SystemI was channel surfing the internet using StumbleUpon, my new favorite social networking resource, and came across the Tow Hitch TV. Utilizing your tow hitch for tailgating is just a smarter way to maximize your tailgating vehicle. If you have been tailgating long enough you have probably seen The Freedom Grill, which is a BBQ grill that attaches to your vehicle on your trailer hitch and rides outside. You’ve also probably seen hitch mounted flag poles or even The Table Gater while tailgating too. You probably haven’t seen a big screen TV that just slips into the trailer hitch and rides to the stadium that way. Until now that is.

…now you can tailgate with a big screen without the hassle of it taking up too much room in your vehicle…

The concept is quite simple, really. Find a way to mount a flat screen on a TV bracket and have it connect to your vehicle via your tow hitch. Voilà! The Tow Hitch TV was born. Now you can tailgate with a big screen without the hassle of it taking up too much room in your vehicle. The Tow Hitch TV costs about $200 and that includes California sales tax if you are a California resident. (You have to supply the TV.) The bracket fits flat screen TVs from 30 to 50 inches and supports up to 150 pounds.

towhitchtv2.jpgIf you end up picking up a Tow Hitch TV you may consider not driving with your TV attached while the vehicle is in motion. I am not sure if you insurance company would cover the cost of a shattered TV in the case of a fender bender or you get rear ended. Also, if you drive with the TV attached, it would completely cover up your licence plate. I am sure the police officer that pulls you over would be impressed with your new tailgating gadget but still would write you a ticket. If you insist on driving with your TV attached, I would suggest you take a digital photo or video of your license plate and then freeze frame it on your TV. Then you would probably have the Guinness World Record for the largest car tag ever.

You can purchase your very own Tow Hitch TV directly from our online tailgating store, The cost of the unit itself (you supply the flat screen TV, of course) is $200 + $30 flat rate shipping anywhere in the United States. All Tow Hitch TV mounts ship from Pasadena, California.

Buy your Tow Hitch TV from by clicking HERE.