Make St. Patrick’s Day an Official U.S. Holiday

Hot girls partying on St. Patrick's Day Regular readers of this website already know that we believe in petitions and propositions to make our world a better place for tailgating. (Just ask the folks at the NFL and the Super Bowl XLII Host Committee how we feel about petitions.) The latest proposition that we are wholeheartedly throwing our support behind does not have to do with tailgating directly. We’re willing to overlook this because we are confident our readers will support this effort as well. You can join the ranks of those that sign the petition to make St. Patrick’s Day an official United States holiday.

The good folks at Guinness (What, you thought for a minute a large corporation wasn’t behind something like this?) have started Proposition 3-17. It’s a national effort to make St. Patrick’s Day an officially-recognized holiday in the United States. The goal is to get at least one million petitioned signatures by midnight on March 16, 2008 so they can be presented to Congress the next day, St. Patrick’s Day.

3-17.gifMany of you reading this may wonder, “what does this have to do with tailgating?” The answer is, “It has everything to do with tailgating.” More than 90 cities across the country will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with parades and festivals. That’s 90 different locations with the potential to tailgate. Nothing would be more appropriate than tailgating prior to a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Even if your city won’t be hosting a parade, why not tailgate outside your favorite Irish pub before they open on St. Patrick’s Day? Honestly, St. Patrick’s Day is the one holiday where tailgating makes the most sense.

To get involved, you can sign the petition one of two ways. You can can visit or text the word “SIGN” to 65579 on your mobile phone to add your name to the petition. Keep in mind since the website is an extension of Guinness, you will have to verify you are 21 years of age or older.

Of course, the United States Congress probably has bigger fish to fry than to take seriously an online petition that advocates another day off from work to go drinking. Their time and our tax dollars would be much better spent discussing the validity of Roger Clemens’ claims he received B-12 shots and not human growth hormone injections.

Wait, on second thought, here is that website again.