Tow Hitch Stripper Pole

Tow Hitch Stripper Pole bikini girl There are a myriad of products on the market that appeal to tailgaters that utilize the 2″ tow hitch on the rear of tailgating vehicles. Whether they are tailgating grills, flag poles, TV mounts, benches, umbrellas, tailgating tables or even a kegerator, if it can be hauled to the parking lot using the tow hitch receiver, we tailgaters will probably buy it.

Now I’ve also seen in and amongst my travels, people have drug out portable stripper poles and stages and turned the parking lot into their own personal gentlemen’s club. But now I have seen everything. A portable stripper pole that mounts into your tow hitch of your truck or SUV.

The product description that comes directly from

The Platinum Stage Hitch Pole is the world’s only dancer pole that can be attached to the ball hitch of any truck or SUV. The Hitch Stage has a 3 foot x 3 foot platform that floats approximately 5 feet from the ground* and has approximately 7 feet of usable pole. The Hitch Pole frame and stage is made of the highest quality steel which allows it to support to 200 lbs. The pole is available in genuine high polished stainless steel and genuine high polished brass, it is also available in a 1.75 inch or 2.0 inch diameter. The pole also breaks down into two pieces which allows it to fit in any size car. *Height of the stage depends on the vehicle.

If the photo above does not give you as good enough idea of what this is all about, give this video a look.


The base model black base with a stainless steel 2″ stripper pole will run you $499.00. The surface shown in the photo and the video is the standard black but for $50 more you could change that to white. For $150 more you could get it in white and have a lighting kit go with it. While you are in the mood for upgrading, an extra $100 will get you a high quality 2″ brass stripper pole.

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