Tailgating Gear Review: The TempaChair

It’s a week in front of Thanksgiving and by now, in many parts of tailgating nation, the temperatures are getting quite chilly. As football season creeps closer to December, tailgaters are always looking for a way to stay warm so they can enjoy tailgating longer. Portable heaters, layered clothing and even standing closer to the grill are the old ways to stay warm while tailgating. There has got to be a better way.

I recently discovered The TempaChair and The TempaChair Pad. They are chairs and pads that heat up to keep tailgaters warm so they can still stay outside and enjoy the entire tailgating experience.

As you can see from the above image, The Tempachair is a folding director’s chair that includes a side tray that folds out and on the other side, three pockets to hold anything you like. The great part about this particular piece of tailgating gear is the seat is heated utilizing micro fibers connected to a small, lightweight, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery has two settings, high and low, and depending on the setting will determine the length of time the seat will remained powered and heated. By using The TempaChair you can stay warm while tailgating. (Now you don’t have to bring one of those lame “snuggies” that will make you look like a tailgating warlock.)

I have a TempaChair myself and I tested it out to see if it truly does what it claims. Upon receiving it I charged the battery fully. The first test I ran was to see how long the battery would keep the chair seat warm on high. After turning on the battery, the chair was noticeably warmer within about 60 seconds. I kept the battery on high the entire time and it took about two and a half hours for the battery to die out. I then started to recharge the battery which surprisingly only took about 90 minutes. I took the newly charged battery put it back in the chair and tried the low setting to see how it would last. The low setting produced consistent heat for about four and half hours. That’s more time than some NFL stadium parking lot gates are open.
My suggestion in order to maximize your usage of this product would be to start the chair on the high setting of the battery and then switch it to low after about five minutes. The high setting will get the chair nice and warm and the low setting will be able to maintain that steady flow of heat while prolonging the battery life. The nice thing is that the batter pocket is easily accessible so you can switch the setting anytime you need a little more heat.

I also tested out the TempaChair Pad. (pictured above) As you can see, it is not the complete chair but a 15” x 18” pad that you can place on the seat of your existing tailgating chair. Another great tailgating idea would be to take it into the game with you for those cold aluminum bench seats. I tested The TempaChair Pad the same way I did the director’s chair and my results were similar in regards to battery life and the heat they both produce.

The manufacturer’s website says the high setting will produce 140 degree temperatures and the low setting will put out 120 degrees. Also, the battery has been tested and recharged 300 times and it still will hold a full charge. If you get a TempaChair you’ll receive not only the aluminum framed chair but also a rechargeable battery, an AC charger and a car charger. The TempaChair Pad comes complete with the pad itself, a rechargeable battery, an AC charger and a nylon carry/storage bag when not in use. Both the chair and the pad come in four different colors including black, burgundy, green and blue. The TempaChair normally sells for $99.95 and The TempaChair Pad retails for $59.95. Now through November 25th, they are running a sale where the TempaChair sells for $79.95 and the TempaChair Pad goes for $39.95. (Could be a nice Christmas gift for the tailgater in your life.)
For more information or to order your own, visit TempaChair.com

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