Got Cold Feet?

Well if you have cold feet and are about to get married…suck it up.  You know you love the woman, you already spent thousands on the engagement and wedding rings, and you spent thousands more on the wedding preparations.  Say “I do” and enjoy your life.  If you got cold feet at the tailgate or while in the stadium enjoying the game well please read on.

Honestly the cold weather doesn’t bother this fan.  It doesn’t bother me during the week, it doesn’t bother me doing chores on the weekend, and it in no way limits the amount of fun I have at the Eagles tailgate or football game.  If I get cold I put an extra layer of clothes on, I turn up the heat on the grill, or I switch from beer to the hard alcohol (yes I am aware that alcohol doesn’t really have a  warming effect on the body but it sure feels like it does).

But even with following all of the above I still can never get my feet to stay warm.  Specifically I can never get my damn toes to stay warm during the end of the pre-game tailgate or while sitting in my seat during the game.  With at least 2 more home games this NFL season and the recent temperatures maxing out at about 35 degrees I decided to do some research on how to best keep my feet warm for the upcoming games.

The repeat, consistent findings in my search were…

  • Keep your feet dry.  Don’t step in puddles.  Don’t step in snow.  If you have to jump in the puddle or snow, make sure you are wearing waterproof boots.
  • Wear “breathable” boots or shoes.  the breathable footwear allows your foot’s perspiration to escape.
  • Don’t wear socks that are made of cotton.  Cotton socks only make your feet colder.  Instead wear socks that are made from fabrics such as fleece or IsoWool.
  • Wear sock liners.  Sock liners are designed to protect your feet from the cold and moisture.  Spend the extra $10 and buy them and wear them!
  • Ditch the sneakers.  Go for boots with high insulation value.  Not sure which boots have the best insulation value?  Just do a quick “Google” search and the results are endless.
  • Step up your daily exercise routine.  The more you exercise, the better your body’s circulation.
  • Wear proper fitting shoes.  You may think that the tighter the shoe the better the chance that the cold stays out.  The tighter the show means that circulation to your feet is being cut off.  This means colder feet.
  • Go to the stadium concession stand, grudgingly spend $6 for a coffee or hot chocolate, and then poor directly on your feet.  I am kidding on this one…or am I?

And if all of the above doesn’t work, well after the game clock strikes 0:00, run like hell to your car and turn the car heater on full blast directly on your feet!