Tailgating Gear in Review: November 2009 Edition

Normally I like to get these monthly Gear Review round-ups published as close to the first of the month as possible. I’ll save the excuses and just blame it on the opening of the holiday shopping season. Of course, with the holiday shopping season underway, here are a few suggestions for the tailgater on your list that we discovered last month.

The Shotgun party Opener – In a nutshell it is a key chain that is primarily designed to pop a hole in the side of an aluminum can for ease of shotgunning a beer.You can also use it to pull up the tab on a can and it also has a bottle opener for those glass bottles you might bring tailgating. The Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener can be purchased directly from TailgatingIdeas.com for $3.99 for a single key chain. If you want a three-pack to pass out to all your beer shotgunning friends, you can get three of those for $9.99. All purchases of Shotgun Party Openers are subject to a $3.00 shipping charge but the good news is that if you buy multiple openers, the shipping charges remain the same at $3.00. Get a Shotgun Party Beer Can Opener and you’ll never have to tear up your car keys or use a knife to get a hole in your beer can for shotgunning.

Bassroom_truckThe Bassroom – No one likes to wait in long lines to visit a dirty, smelly port-a-potty. Originally designed for use on a bass boat but can be used in the back of a pick-up truck or on the ground, the Bassroom is a portable restroom/privacy tent that let you avoid those agonizing long waits when nature calls.

The Bassroom system comes with a self erecting cover that is waterproof and flame resistant, a portable toilet and waste bags all stored in two handy transport bags. When it is folded up it fits nicely in any sized tailgating vehicle behind seats or in trunks taking up little space. Also, since it is so compact and lightweight, you could set it up in under two minutes. You don’t have to set it up and leave it up the entire time you are tailgating. Just set it up as you need it because it breaks down and packs away just as easily as it sets up. For more information visit: CoverYourBass.com.

The Tempachair – is a folding director’s chair that includes a side tray that folds out and on the other side, three pockets to hold anything you like. The great part about this particular piece of tailgating gear is the seat is heated utilizing micro fibers connected to a small, lightweight, rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery has two settings, high and low, and depending on the setting will determine the length of time the seat will remained powered and heated. By using The TempaChair you can stay warm while tailgating. (Now you don’t have to bring one of those lame “snuggies” that will make you look like a tailgating warlock.) To learn more about it visit: tempachair.com.

The Beer Outlaw – When it comes to tailgating, you never want to be too far away from your beer. It would be great to always have your beer (or soda or bottled water if you roll like that) within reach at all times. In order to do that you need to never wander too far away from your tailgate or table. That is all in the past now that I have discovered The Beer Outlaw, a leather beer holster that straps to your hip.

The Beer Outlaw comes in a number of different colors including Jet Black, Vintage Brown or even Hot Pink for the ladies. For those rodeo fans out there, the ladies can get the Barrel Holster which comes in Hot Pink and includes a gold barrel racing crest along with the outlaw star. The guys can get the Buckin’ Holster in Jet Black or Vintage Brown with a bull riding crest and the outlaw star. There are even customizable ones that show your support of your favorite team or you can put your company’s logo on a stainless steel plate . You can also get it hot iron branded with your name or initials.

Depending on the model of Beer Outlaw you prefer, your purchase price will range from $28.99 for the Classic Beer Outlaw Holster to the Custom Beer Outlaw Holster priced at $39.99. With holiday shopping already in full swing, these would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the tailgater on your list.

To learn more or to buy your own Beer Outlaw, visit BeerOutlaw.com.