Chilly Twist Cups

Chilly Twist Cup Now that we have entered into Mid-March and the temperatures around the nation will soon start to rise, it is time to think about keeping your tailgating drinks cold. Baseball tailgating and summer concert tailgating can be a killer when it comes to keeping your drink cold. Red plastic cups provide zero insulation in keeping your drinks cold not to mention the waste they create when they need to be thrown away. Also, unless you write your name on your cup, all of those cups looks the same. Good luck determining which cup is yours if you put it down to hit the port-o-potty or grab some food off the grill.

I recently discovered Chilly Twist Cups that solves all of those aforementioned problems. Chilly Twist Cups actually come in two parts, the 16 oz. cup and the removable, freezable base that twists into the bottom of the plastic cup. Once frozen, the freezable base will chill your beverage to a temperature below freezing and maintain that temperature for hours. And the design of the Chilly Twist Cup ensures that there is no body heat transfer from your hand while holding the cup. Because the frozen base cools the beverage from underneath, that means ice will melt slower thus diluting your drink less. In all honesty, by using a Chilly Twist Cup you probably won’t need any ice in your drink at all.

Take a look at their commercial they put together showcasing the benefits of the Chilly Twist Cup while demonstrating how long the cup stays cold.


I was able to test out the Chilly Twist Cups myself and I will admit they did make the drink colder and kept it cold for a long time. While doing the test it dawned on me that these cups would be great for beer pong. By using Chilly Twist Cups you would never have to dread drinking that final cup in beer pong that has been sitting on the table for a while. These cups would be even better for summer tailgating beer pong because the frozen base would actually provide more weight and stability and prevent spills. Also, because the cups are dishwasher safe, less waste and trash compared to using regular old red plastic cups.

Right now Chilly Twist Cups are available for an introductory price for any 1 cup at $4.50. Three cups (mix & match) for $11.99 and 6 cups (a matching set or mix & match) for $19.99. You can buy the Chilly Twist Cup by visiting or for more information and to view all the color combinations, visit