The Zippo Hand Warmer

The cold weather is here.  True football weather is here.  Time to separate the real fans from the casual fans.

A true football fan isn’t scared away by falling temperatures.  A true football fan doesn’t yearn for the warmth of a couch.  A true football fan embraces the cold weather.  The cold weather is why you buy your football jerseys 3x too big.  Just throw a few extra layers of clothing on, drink a few more bears, and cheer a little louder for the home team to keep the adrenalynn flowing.

But even the truest of football fans may need a little help in staying warm from the pre-game tailgate to the post-game tailgate.  This is where the Zippo Hand Warmer works it’s magic.  I was given a free Zippo Hand Warmer to sample and the product didn’t disappoint this fan.

I received the product about a month ago.  Unfortunately at that time the leaves were still on the trees and kick-off temperatures were still in the mid-60s.  Not anymore!  Last Sunday night the Eagles hosted the Sunday Night Game.  Tailgating temperatures were in the low 40s and game temperatures were in the low 30s.  Not terribly cold, but cold enough to test the Zippo Hand Warmer.

The product is simple in design and in use.  As you can see from the above picture the hand warmer looks like your typical lighter.  After 4 simple steps the Warmer is working and you are keeping warm.

  1. Open the lid and fill the Hand Warmer with lighter fluid
  2. Light the burner on the top of the Hand Warmer
  3. Put the lid back on
  4. Place the Hand Warmer back in the provided pouch

I have used similar hand warmers in the past but the Zippo Hand Warmer came out on top.  The Hand Warmer showed typical Zippo quality with their great attention to detail.   The included measuring device for half or full day warmth made the Hand Warmer easy to fill.  The color-changing heat detector allows you to confirm that the Hand Warmer was properly lite.  Once you light the Hand Warmer it can give off warmth for up to 12 hours (depending on how much lighter fluid you put in).   And most importantly, there was no leaking of fluid from the Hand Warmer.

The Zippo Hand Warmer kept us warm (or provided that extra bit of heat to keep us comfortable) throughout the tailgate and the game.  We filled the Zippo Hand Warmer half way so the warmth lasted for about 6 hours.  When going into the stadium the Hand Warmer (in the pouch) fit nicely into my inside coat pocket, avoiding the pre-game security check.  Once inside the stadium the Hand Warmer kept Dad and I warm in our seats way, way, way up in the stadium.

Check out the Zippo Hand Warmer website for additional product details and ordering information.  The Hand Warmer would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite tailgater, especially if his / her favorite team will be playing playoff football in January!