Tailgating Wedding Bells

weddingbellswithgoldheliumballoon For most NFL fans, tailgating season has come to an end or will end today.  No playoffs for the team, no playoff tailgating for you. It’s just back to work on Monday counting down the days until first pitch.

So for those of you feeling a bit like “Debbie Downer” today, here is a feel good, end of the holiday, story for you.  Because what is better than tailgating and lots of love?!?

The new year is upon us so that, of course, means a whole bunch of New Year’s resolutions.  And we Americans seem to always focus our resolutions on diets and finding true love.

Since we are tailgaters, dieting is definitely out of the question.  Since we are tailgaters, true love is definitely a possibility.  Who needs that Internet dating crap when you have tailgating at your disposal (and for some of us with the beer muscles going, but hopefully not the beer goggles going!).

Tailgating is the perfect place to score yourself a date. Heck, maybe even find the “love of your life“?  The atmosphere is perfect.  Good food, good drinks, and good games inside and outside the stadium.  Plus you are always in a good mood, you are relaxed, and most importantly, you have your best wing men (or women)  surrounding you.

If you don’t believe me, my mother-in-law is an example come true.

Last year she attended a Jets tailgate with a bunch of friends and friends of those friends.  At that tailgate she was introduced to Jeff.  They instantly hit it off.  When the game ended they made plans to see each other again and most recently became engaged during this holiday season. (and no the proposal wasn’t a cheesy stadium jumbotron moment!)

So for all you people out there looking for true love and making resolutions, may I suggest that in your very near future you purchase some game tickets, a cooler, and a grill.  Who needs online dating formulas when you have tailgating?

An update from my most recent post:  I guess an alternative to sneaking in alcohol in protest is to boycott the owners products!