New Year’s Resolutions for

New Years Fireworks I know it is not even Christmas but it is never too early to start thinking about improving yourself for the coming year. Since starting this website back in August of 2007, I have seen it grow over the past few months by leaps and bounds. I can remember how excited I was when the site gained over 100 unique visitors in a single day (Sept. 4, 2007). Now that my little website has started to take off, I am laying out my goals and new year’s resolutions for in 2008 . Make sure to check back this time next year for the update on how close I came on them.

I need to give credit where credit is due. I was inspired to publish my goals for 2008 after reading an article on DailyBlogTips. With the challenge in place, here are my 2008 goals for

  • On average, publish at least four to five new articles a week.
  • Average 750 page views per day. (currently averaging 330 page views a day)
  • Rank in the top five on Google for the term “Tailgating”. (currently rank 11th at the top of page No. 2)
  • Increase the average comments per article to 5. (currently averaging 1 to 2 comments)
  • Have two of my articles make it to the front page of
  • Increase Google page rank to 3. (currently at 1)
  • All four advertising blocks on the home page taken by direct advertisers.
  • Print promotional T-shirts and sell them on the home page.
  • Create five YouTube videos showcasing how fun tailgating can be.
  • Host or attend at least 20 tailgate parties in 2008.
  • Get quoted in a newspaper or TV story as an expert on tailgating.

So there you have them. As an avid tailgater, what are some of your goals for tailgating in 2008? Feel free to share them by providing a comment.

Have a happy and safe holiday season. Here’s hoping 2008 is your best tailgating year ever!