Love is Tailgating

I recently attended a destination wedding.  The destination was Aruba (yes, life is tough).  Half of the lucky couple was my mother-in-law.

Aruba, wedding, and a mother-in-law.  How does this relate to tailgating?  Easy, the first date for the newlyweds was at a NY Jets tailgate.

Since love was in the air this tailgater got to thinking.  What’s more romantic that tailgating?  OK, maybe a few things, but not too many…

The idea begins with a romantic and kick-ass gift.  Tickets to the game.  The tickets can come from her or from him.  Tickets would make this tailgater happy.  If you are reading this post, I would believe the feeling would be the same for you.

Since you are going to the game, the only intelligent next step is to tailgate together.

The love fest begins with the two of you planning the tailgating menu together.  She picks something, you pick something.  You could even alternate between she picks the appetizer, he picks the main course, and she picks the drinks, and he picks the dessert.  The exact order of picking can be left up to the couple.  To add the extra twist, if she picked the item he cooks the item.  If he picked the beer, she makes the trip to the liquor store.

You got the tickets, you got the food, but before heading down to the parking lot you might also want to pick up some new gear.  If she has been listening to your football stories she should know your favorite player.  If she does maybe you can expect a new jersey with that players name on the back.  If she is a rookie to games and tailgates she will need some gear.  Get her your favorite player and magic, you have a conversation starter as you ramble on and on about the player’s career stats and latest Twitter update.

Once you finally pull into the parking lot you can look for a romantic spot for two.  A space not surrounded by a bunch of drunks or “Al Bundys” reliving their high school football days by hitting parked cars with overthrown passes.  Maybe a spot under some trees in the far back.  Maybe a spot near a father and son tailgate…give her an idea for the future.

Then the tailgate begins.  The food is cooking.  The beers are open.  Hell, a little extra alcohol will only make you look more attractive in his or her eyes.  Go in and enjoy the game.  Get home after the perfect tailgate and make it the perfect evening.  Told ya tailgating can be romantic!

And if you are like my in-laws the first tailgate can turn into a lifetime of tailgates.  Then wedding present  becomes really easy for the children.  Our wedding gift…2 NY Jets jerseys, one jersey with the month of the first tailgate (10), the other jersey with the day of the first tailgate (28), and each with the last name of the happy couple.  Frame them, wrap them, and you have the best wedding gift ever!!