London Has To Go!

Others have written about it.  You are surely thinking it.

The NFL is kick-ass.  The NFL is KING of sports.  NFL tailgating is the best of the best.  The NFL can do little wrong.  Well, until they came up with this stupid idea of playing regular season games in London.

Tomorrow the Patriots and Buccaneers play is the now yearly London game.  News has it that the NFL is thinking about growing this stupid idea and playing 2 games in London next season or even having a franchise in London.  (On the positive side at least the Commissioner squashed the overly stupid idea of playing the Super Bowl overseas!)

Sure the Bucs may be having a down season but no fan base deserves to have a regular season home game taken away from them (well maybe the Detroit fans wouldn’t mind…sorry!).

Regular season NFL games are too precious to lose even a one.  8 Sundays (not including  playoffs) of the year…that’s it!  8 days for the best tailgating.  8 days for hitting, TDs, and going absolutely, lose your mind crazy!  Well Bucs fans, hopefully you can cram all of this fun into 7 Sundays!

Honestly what is the point of playing games in London?!?  The Europeans like American Football as much as we Americans like soccer.  I am sure Tom Brady is as thrilled to be playing overseas as David Beckham is to be playing in Los Angeles.

These London games have to stop.  If the NFL wants to play overseas make it exhibition games.  NFL fans are forced to pay regular season prices for meaningless preseason games, so there would be no argument in being able to save a few bucks in the summer.

I’ve said it a million times.  Life has too many damn stresses.  NFL football games and tailgating are a fan’s escape from reality.  NFL football games and tailgating are American.

Enough of investigating a Tom Cable fist fight.  Let’s have the commissioner spend resources on researching the London idea.  If he did he would realize that there are more important things than money….FANS!!!