Weekend Wrap #44: Playoff Push Edition

news_wrap.jpgNormally this portion of the NFL season most games are meaningless. Not this year. Lots of playoff scenarios still in play entered the day. With no Monday Night Football this week, all teams would know their fate by the end of the day. The Dallas Cowboys, who were a favorite to win the Super Bowl, choked away their hopes in Philly and are left sitting at home. Hey T.O., get your popcorn ready because you’ll be watching the playoffs from your couch. Speaking of monumental choke jobs, how about them Denver Broncos? Up three games over the San Diego Chargers heading into December and they still can’t get into the playoffs? How about getting half of 100 hung on them in the final game of the season?

So now that the playoff picture is set, here is my Super Bowl prediction… Carolina vs. San Diego. Yeah, a bit of a homer pick seeing how I am a season ticket holder to the Chargers but you have to admit they have been on a roll lately. Kind of reminds me of another team that got hot at the right time last year… The New York Giants.

Alright, enough predictions and on with the links: