Tailgating Training Camp

So I hear football is back or at least it will be by week’s end.  Nothing is final until the fat, shirtless guy in Row 1 sings, but I am confident.

The teams and players have their to do list.  Since tailgaters are part of the team we need a to-do list as well…a.k.a. another top 10 list:

  1. Check to see if Brett Farve is coming to your city.  Oddly, enough he might actually be coming to my city.
  2. Open your closet.  Does your jersey still fit?  Is that player even still on the team?
  3. On Monday morning submit your updated time off request form to your boss.  (Remember, a 1pm kick-off means that you should be OK for work on Monday.  A 4pm kick-off means that you are going to require Monday off.  A 8pm kick-off means that you are going to require Monday and Tuesday off.)
  4. Check the available line of credit on your credit card.  Time to pay off the remaining portion of your season ticket invoice.
  5. Beginning today replace your Sunday morning coffee with a Sunday morning beer.  Look at it as training camp for those 1 pm kick-off tailgates.
  6. Immediately start decreasing productivity at home.  Your To-do list will soon only have one weekend day to complete.  Never too early to set your wife’s expectations really low.
  7. Time to reactive the insurance policy on the Eagles green school bus.  Might also want to check if the thing still starts too.
  8. Team up with the most productive guy / gal at work because your time is now devoted to thinking up the name of this year’s fantasy football team.
  9. Start your daily breathing exercises.  Less than two months until you start sucking in the beer gut to impress the parking lot eye candy.
  10. Get ready to increase your visits to tailgatingideas.com by at least double.

Football is back!  Football tailgating is back!!