For The Love Of The Game

snow1224 In case you haven’t heard, almost half the country is being hit with snow and blizzard conditions today.  No worries for this fan as the house is warm, the wife is baking, and my cable provider carries the NFL network (Go Saints!).   I have ZERO desire to venture outside today.

But come tomorrow these feelings will all change.  The weather that keeps us fans locked indoors on Saturday will have us in the lots and stadiums for hours upon hours on Sunday.  Yep, we tailgaters and NFL fans are a VERY crazy and dedicated bunch.  We love our tailgates and we love our teams.  We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love them!!

Think hard, what other things would have you:

1 – Venturing out into treacherous driving conditions

2- Piling on layer after layer until your walk becomes a shuffle and your eyes are the only visible part of your body 

3- Drinking cold ones in temperatures struggling to reach the teens

4- Sitting in snow covered stadium seats for 3+ hours?

There is only one answer for this fan… the Eagles vs. 49ers!  Oh yeah, we fans will love and treasure every second of the experience and eagerly await the opportunity to brag about the experience to friends and co-workers on Monday morning!

Would you do any of the above for your 9-5 job?  Nope.  Family responsibilities would of course get you outside, but I can 100% guarantee there would be no “bounce in your step” and there would surely be a few “death” stares from the wife at your attitude!

So to all you tailgaters and NFL fans along the east coast have fun tomorrow!  Be  safe.  Tailgate and cheer like a little kid celebrating an unexpected snow day!  And to the players on the field, hopefully they take a look into the  stands tomorrow.  What those millionaires will see is the true definition of the phrase ” for the love of the game (and of course, the tailgate!!).”