The Power of the Jersey

kelsi_metzler There is only one thing to wear to a tailgate…a jersey (OK, you can get away with a T-shirt jersey too). And I have zero doubt that we fans take more pride than the players in wearing the jersey.   The fan’s jersey means and represents so much to the fan.

Your Sunday instantly becomes kick-ass the moment you roll out of bed and throw on the jersey.  The team might not be kicking-off for another 5+ hours but you are ready to roll.

You head to the store to pick up some last minute’s tailgating goods.  You see a person wearing the jersey of a rival and that person instantly becomes your enemy.  Unlike players who shake hands, hug, and converse, you would enjoy nothing more than to shopping-cart check the man into the frozen food aisle fridge.

As you head down to the game you can easily identify your fellow tailgaters by those people sporting a jersey on the highway.  These people will soon become your drinking and eating buddies for the next 3-4 hours!

When you arrive down in the lot you scope out the scene.  This fan is instantly looking for jersey winners and violators…

– What idiots have decided to ruin their Sunday by wearing the enemy colors?  Even worse what idiots have decided to wear the enemy jersey and the player they are sporting isn’t even on the team anymore?  Such an offense should result in being instantly removed from the lot.

– What fans are sporting the best jerseys?  It could be a throwback, it could be the college jersey of the star pro, or it could the fan who shelled out $80-$100 on a rookie jersey hoping the kid is a success, thus not forcing him to burn the jersey in year 2 or 3.

– What fans would be better served saving some of their beer money and investing in a new jersey?  Come on people, you can’t represent the home team by wearing the jersey of a player 10+ years back who ended up being more bust than star.  Lucky for the guy the jersey name tag is peeling and faded.  Come on, break out the credit card and get yourself a new jersey.  Or at least take 5 bucks and get yourself an obscene T-shirt from the parking lot T-Shirt guy!

– What boyfriend or husband is forced to tailgate with his significant other sporting a pink jersey.  Come on guys, sexy is your woman wearing a regular jersey not the pink jerseys (well unless they are in support of breast cancer awareness!). Youth sizes just aren’t made for the kids.

– And lastly what guy has visions of becoming the next Vince Papale and laid down the cash for a personalized jersey?  The home team is already dressing 53 players.  You aren’t needed on the field.  Save yourself the money and instead support your favorite player.  People are making just as much fun of you as the guy who is wearing the jersey of that day’s opponent.

Yep, one item of clothing can make our break your Sunday.  Like the players on the field you can instantly become a star or the villain.  So come tomorrow you better choose wisely.  No pressure!