Sort of Like Cheers, but Better

What is the color of jealousy?  Whatever it is go ahead and color me that color because this NFL tailgater is REALLY jealous!

The jealousy has a bit of anger mixed in as well, with the anger being directed at the NFL schedule makers.  The Eagles start this season with two road games.  Sure winning the first of two was nice, but I honestly would rather be tailgating at a home game at this point.

As I always tell people, if the home team wins I don’t get a ring for the finger, so I ultimately would rather be doing something that impacts me.  That something is tailgating!

I probably could have survived the two week delay to the start of my tailgating if it wasn’t for co-workers talking about their NY Jets tailgating experiences from last weekend.  Instantly I became jealous.

Why jealous?  Simple…one of my favorite parts of tailgating is the tailgating and “stadium seat” families that I have formed over the past 10 years of attending Eagles games.  I am talking about the regulars, the Cheers type folks, where “everybody knows your name.”

Sure you can be a killer Grill Master.  Sure you can shotgun beers with the best of them or be the Ultimate King of beer pong or corn hole.  But to this tailgater, the hands down best part of the season’s first game (preseason doesn’t count because the regulars are usually giving away their season tickets) is reforming the friendships that you created with the folks that have been tailgating with you and sitting next to you in the stadium over the years.  Like the guy always screaming about how much the Cowboys suck even when the day’s opponent isn’t the Cowboys!

You get to discuss (or in some cases) argue the home team’s chances of finally securing a championship.  You get to see who has new “eye candy” for the year (well, if the relationship can last 17 weeks!).  You get to see what new tailgating equipment has been purchased or who took the chance in paying out money for the jersey of the first round draft pick (hoping that the guy isn’t a bust and the jersey has to be trashed the following season).  I (and you as well) could go on and on about all of the tailgating / season firsts, but you get the point.

A new NFL season (even if you are like me and have to wait a few extra weeks) means it’s time to see the family again.  Best part, this family you actually like spending time with.  No nagging, no boring stories from the Aunt you never see over Thanksgiving dinner.  Instead, it’s nothing but good grub and high-fives!