One Handed Eating With The Snack Palette

Even though people bring tailgating chairs to the parking lot, many tailgaters choose to stand and move around a lot. It’s this “Eat, Drink and be Mobile” attitude that allows you to make friends with your tailgating neighbors. Tailgaters would rather stand with a plate of food and socialize than be forced to sit down and balance a plate on their lap. And unless the chair has a cup holder or there is a table or a bumper nearby, what do you do with your drink? Clench it between your knees while you eat? Say goodbye to all that hassle and say hello to the Snack Palette: A plastic plate that holds your drink, a condiment dipping cup, an entire plate of food and holds your fork while keeping your other hand free.


As you can see from the photo, the Snack Palette is a plastic plate designed with holes and slots that make it easy to carry. I was sent a sample of the Snack Palette to test out for myself. The first thing I noticed was the ergonomic design for both right and left handed eaters. The large hole in the back is reserved for your drink and can hold a plastic cup or has a plastic insert that holds a can or bottle. The other two holes are designed for your thumb depending on what hand you eat with. Simply put your thumb in the hole and there is a groove underneath for your index finger to provide stability when holding the Snack Palette. The groove is designed to fit your index finger whether your curl it back or leave it extended. No matter how you eat, the Snack Palette contours to your “holding style”. The open thumb hole can be used for a condiment cup so you can dip your fries in ketchup or get some more BBQ sauce on those ribs. Lastly, there are two slots on the outer edge of the Snack Palette for you to stick your fork when you need to take a drink. No more tucking your fork under the food that is on your plate or worrying it will fall onto the ground. The Fork Lock holds the fork in place ready for your next bite.


The Snack Palette comes in a variety of colors for your next tailgate party. The different colors could be used as a way to identify which plate of food is yours if you do end up putting it down for some odd reason. Depending on the appetites of your tailgate party guests, the Snack Palette comes in two sizes. The large size plates measure 15.26″L x 10.37″D x 1.07″H while the medium plates measure 14.26″L x 9.5″D x 1.07″H. No matter what size you choose, you will get a pack of 15 Snack Palette’s in assorted colors or you can choose all of the same colors you see above. The medium package runs $14.50 while the set of large Snack Palette’s costs $16.25. Please keep in mind that the drink sleeve, perfect for holding bottles or cans, is sold separately. Those are pretty cheap with a package of 12 costing $3.25. Also, those condiment dipping cups that fit perfectly in the hole your thumb is not occupying are called ramekins. A package of 20 ramekins costs $1.99. They also sell forks, napkins and drink cups but those are not specifically designed to fit into the Snack Palette and you can purchase those anywhere.

To learn more about the Snack Palette or to buy a set of your own, visit their official website,