Tailgating Gear Review: Holster Up drink holster

You only have two hands. While tailgating, sometimes that is not enough. Over the years we have found numerous products out there that help tailgaters tackle the problem of not having enough hands.

We recently discovered a number of drink holders that resemble gun holsters from a company called “Holster Up“.

Holster up Featured

As you can see in the above photo, the drink holsters from Holster Up strap to your belt or can clip to your pocket or waistband and holds a drink of your choice on your hip as if it was in a gun holster. We were sent a sampling of drink holsters from Holster Up to test out and review and see if they hold up in a tailgating environment.

The first impression we got upon receipt of the drink holsters was these were made out of canvas and not leather. (Keep in mind leather ones are available through Holster Up. We received the canvas types for our review.) Most associate a holster to be leather but this isn’t the Wild, Wild West. This is tailgating and to be honest with you, a canvas drink holster is much better suited for a parking lot situation. Here’s why…

These holsters are designed to hold cans and bottles and more importantly, cold cans or bottles. Cold cans and bottles tend to attract moisture condensation on the outside and we all know that leather and water are not the best combination. However, water and canvas is not that big of a deal. So the very fact that you aren’t eventually ruining the product by using it for what it was designed to do, gets high marks in our book.

The next test we tried was how comfortable it fit on a belt or clipped to our pants and how comfortable it was to wear. Putting it on and it staying on was quick and easy plus if fit well and you could hardly notice you were wearing it. Cans and bottles easily fit in and were taken out of the drink holsters from Holster Up. The taller and thinner cans like Coors Light and Keystone tended to not fit as snug as the other standardized size cans. That could be easily remedied by enlisting the help of a can koozie to increase the circumference of the thinner can. Plus the koozie will provide a little more insulation on top of the insulation the holster provides.

In learning more about these drink holsters from Holster Up we found:

  • They can print logos and phrases on the front
  • The canvas holsters have a loop near the top that allows for you to clip a towel or ever a bottle opener for convenience
  • All of the drink holsters have a clip on the back so a belt is not necessary
  • The velcro leg strap is removable
  • There is a pocket on the back of the drink holster to hold things like your ID, cash, credit cards, etc.
  • In the canvas version they offer both black and camo variations

Black Plain beer holster with towelThe canvas holsters are not the only types Holster Up offers. They also have leather variations, canvas holsters with a towel, printed designs and even a larger drink holster that can hold a 40 oz. bottle.

Prices range from $16.99 for the plain black and camo canvas versions all the way up to a customizable printed version for $29.99. Check out their products page for a complete rundown of options, colors and prices.

After reviewing and testing out the drink holsters from Holster Up, we are going to dub them “Tailgate Approved”. For the mere sake that these would be great for country music concert tailgating like for Toby Keith, Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney, they are worth checking them out.

We would like to give away one of the drink holsters from Holster Up to one of our readers. The one we are giving away is the Black Plain Beer Holster with Towel.

In order to qualify to receive a free drink holster, all you need to do is become a fan of the Tailgating Ideas page on Facebook. Once there, we ask that you leave a comment on the wall post about the Holster Up drink holsters. Please comment on how and where you would use your drink holster if you won.

The winner will be chosen at random and only one comment per person. The winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 and will be notified via Facebook to provide a shipping address to receive the free drink holster. It’s that easy and because the winner will be chosen at random, everyone has the same chance of winning.

For more information on the drink holsters from Holster Up, visit: holsterup.com