Tailgating Gear Review: The Beer Outlaw

When it comes to tailgating you never want to be too far away from your beer. It would be great to always have your beer (or soda or bottled water if you roll like that) within reach at all times. In order to do that you need to never wander too far away from your tailgate or table. That is all in the past now that I have discovered The Beer Outlaw, a leather beer holster that straps to your hip. (click on images for larger view)

As you can see from the images above, the Beer Outlaw clips to your belt, top of your pants or your pocket and holds a 12 oz bottle or can. It comes with a suede leather strap to tie around your thigh for a more secure fit. The Beer Outlaw is held together with silver star rivets and can be customized with your name or other branded message you choose.

The Beer Outlaw comes in a number of different colors including Jet Black, Vintage Brown or even Hot Pink for the ladies. For those rodeo fans out there, the ladies can get the Barrel Holster which comes in Hot Pink and includes a gold barrel racing crest along with the outlaw star. The guys can get the Buckin’ Holster in Jet Black or Vintage Brown with a bull riding crest and the outlaw star. There are even customizable ones that show your support of your favorite team or you can put your company’s logo on a stainless steel plate . You can also get it hot iron branded with your name or initials.

I have a Beer Outlaw holster and brought it tailgating with me this past Sunday. When I made a trip to the porta-potty I made sure to have a fresh beer in my hand and then another one in the Beer Outlaw. After all, you never know how long the line could be and you don’t want to be stuck without your beer. While waiting in line a number of people commented on the Beer Outlaw and asked where they can get one. Obviously if you are looking to gain some extra attention while tailgating, put on a Beer Outlaw and holster a cold one and you will get  noticed.

Depending on the model of Beer Outlaw you prefer, your purchase price will range from $28.99 for the Classic Beer Outlaw Holster to the Custom Beer Outlaw Holster priced at $39.99. With holiday shopping already in full swing, these would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the tailgater on your list.

To learn more or to buy your own Beer Outlaw, visit BeerOutlaw.com.