Drink ‘N’ Plate

Over the years of testing out numerous tailgating products, we’ve come across a few different plates that allow you to hold a plate of food and a beverage with one hand while keeping the other hand free. There’s The Go Plate that is more like a plastic tray that balances on top of your beverage can or cup. There’s also The Snack Palette that is a plastic, disposable plate with condiment cup holders. Although both of these options will work well for a tailgate party, they are missing something. Both are made to be used once and then thrown away. I recently discovered the Drink ‘N’ Plate; a one handed eating system that is dishwasher safe and reusable.


Most tailgaters do not bring a dishwasher with them to the parking lot. So if you are going to “go green” and use the Drink ‘N’ Plate by itself, just make sure to place the used ones in a plastic bag and bring them home. Throw them in the dishwasher and you never have to buy paper plates for tailgating again. If you do choose to use a paper plate, the Drink ‘N’ Plate can handle a 9″ paper plate well. The drink holder area handles bottle, cans and cups easily too.

For those fans that like to color coordinate everything at their tailgate party all the way down to the color of cups and plates, the Drink ‘N’ Plate fits in well with those people too. Just choose your color cups and themed plates and place them in the Drink ‘N’ Plate. Almost every team has some sort of white in their uniforms so if you go with the white colored Drink ‘N’ Plates, you are good to go.

I found the Drink ‘N’ Plate to be very easy to use and I especially liked the fact that I only needed to buy a set and could reuse them indefinitely. Not only does that cut down on the amount of waste cluttering our landfills but will also cut down on the amount of money I spend on paper plates each tailgating season.

The Drink ‘N’ Plate comes in a six-pack of plates and sells for less than $15 plus shipping. The party pack of 24 plates will cost less than $48 which comes out to less than $2 per Drink ‘N’ Plate. Not a bad deal especially if you reuse them. To learn more about the Drink ‘N’ Plate or to buy some, visit their website: pioneerplastics.com/drinkNplate.html