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Tailgating Gear Review: Beverage Bolo

While out tailgating, all of us have wished we had a second set of hands. Between holding a plate of food, your drink, using your cell phone or giving your tailgating neighbor a high five, hands and arms are definitely one body part in demand while out in the parking lot.

There are a number of tailgating products on the market that promote hands free partying whether it be the Koozie Pocket Shirt to help hold your drink or the GoPlate which combines a plate that rests on your drink. We will add another product to the “hands free” family of Tailgating Gear. It is called the Beverage Bolo.

Beverage Bolo Tailgating

As you can see from the above photo, the Beverage Bolo is a “U” shaped drinking device you wear around your neck. The adjustable strap allows you to control the distance the flexible straw is away from your mouth. The Beverage Bolo holds up to 32 oz. of liquid and comes with all different kinds of wraps that act as a koozie to prevent condensation from making your shirt wet while keeping your drink cold. Take a look at their informative video.

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We had the chance to test out and review the Beverage Bolo and we enjoyed a number of the features. One feature we found useful was that it has dual screw caps. You can place the drinking cap on the left or the right side depending on your preference. Also, take off both the caps when done to rinse out the Beverage Bolo easily. The wide mouth made it very easy to fill and it even comes with a “guzzle cap” that allows you to finish your drink without the straw.

Beverage Bolo BBQ

After testing out the Beverage Bolo, we are going to say that it is definitely “Tailgate Approved”. While testing it we couldn’t help but think this would be the perfect beverage container for the tailgater that is always working the grill. Flipping burgers or checking to see if the chicken wings are hot, the grill master can stay cool and refreshed while keep his hands on the grill tools.

Each Beverage Bolo is $20 and there are a variety of koozie sleeves to choose from. To see the selection of sleeve designs, click HERE.

To show appreciation for the readers of Tailgating Ideas, the folks over at Beverage Bolo have activated a coupon for 10% Off in their online store. Use coupon code: IDEAS10 during checkout.

Here at Tailgating Ideas we thought so highly of the product that we wanted to give away a pair of Beverage Bolos to one of our readers. (The two Beverage Bolos we are giving away have the American Flag design koozie wrap.)

Simply head over to the Tailgating Ideas Facebook Page and post a comment telling us why you want a pair of Beverage Bolos. Deadline to leave your comment will be 11:59 pm pacific time on Thursday, April 26, 2012. The winner will be selected at random and will be contacted via Facebook for shipping instructions. Good luck and for more information on Beverage Bolos, visit