Tailgating Fun With The Beer Blaster

Its a gun that shoots Beer!Tailgating and drinking outdoors go hand in hand. Many of us tailgaters enjoy getting outside but we also like to have a little fun while we do it. A while back I was told about a product on the market that is a squirt gun that shoots beer. You read that right. Instead of using traditional water to douse a friend on a hot day, The Beer Blaster is powered by a 12 oz. can of beer. The concept is simple but the fun can be great. Here is what you do:

1) Take a can of beer (preferably cheap beer) and shake it up vigorously.

2) Pop it into theĀ  top chamber and slam it down so that it snaps into the gun.

3) Pull the trigger and the carbonation of the beer will propel the beer at a target from 10 feet away.

Sounds fun if you like foamy beer squirted out of a plastic toy gun. Take a look at a few videos to see The Beer Blaster in action.



Some other features of the Beer Blaster include a convenient bottle opener located on the bottom of the barrel of the gun. Also, the Beer Blaster can be ordered with a holster and a belt holder similar to The Beer Belt or the Beerdolier.

I’ll admit that when I first received the Beer Blaster I was a bit skeptical of their claim of being able to hit a target from 10 feet away. I decided to test it out for myself using cold and warm beers to see if the temperature of your ammo made any difference. Check out my findings in the video below:


If you want to get your own Beer Blaster in either blue or red, the price ranges from $22 to $30 depending on if you want just the Beer Blaster or want to add on the holster or the beer belt. For the ladies, they even have a pink colored Beer Blaster called “The Blasterette”. On top of that option they also offer The Freedom Blaster which comes in a desert camouflage motif. The Blasterette and the Freedom Blaster ranges from $24.00 to $32.00.

To learn more or to buy The Beer Blaster, the gun that shoots beer, visit Beer-Blaster.com.

It's a gun that shoots beer!