Hybrid Video Sharing and Blog For Sports Fans

I come across all kinds of websites in my pursuit to bring you the most up to date, strange and cool tailgating ideas the online and offline world has to offer. I recently discovered a new site called At first glance it looks to be a hybrid of part YouTube, part sports blog, part Twitter. A snippet from their About Us page.

Sportsfananza is the online news and video sharing site for sports fans to share information, ideas and provides sports fans with a voice. By becoming a member of Sportsfananza, sports fans can post user-generated sports videos and sports articles (you can even post your blog) about any sports topic.

In cruising around their website they have quite a few user generated videos that are all sports related. They even have a section called The Tailgate which isn’t about tailgating but looks to be more like Twitter with quick hit, short messages on there. you can even leave a message on The Tailgate from your mobile phone by texting it in.

Membership is free and you can start posting your own videos or write your own opinions on sports if you wish. They even have a way to win a 42″ plasma HDTV and a Nintendo Wii by earning points by either posting videos, blogging, referring friends or making comments. Speaking of that, if you sign up, make sure to say you were referred by “Tailgating Ideas”. I could always use a 42″ Plasma or a Nintendo Wii.