Tailgating Ideas Now A Part Of Sports Blog Net

So I have been looking into ways of expanding the reach and readership of TailgatingIdeas.com. After all, there a lot of tailgaters out there that could use a little helpful advice to not just tailgate but to tailgate better. (I see them in the parking lots all the time but I can only hand out so many cards as one person.) It was about time I joined a blogging network to help expand my reach and hit more tailgaters on the web. That is why I have chosen to join Sports Blog Net.

Sports Blog Net is currently built on the principal of making all blogs in the network as successful as possible. The network is geared towards sports fans discovering, reading, writing and building the best sports blog network. The goals are to get all the small blogs out to the masses, give new bloggers the ability to get the exposure they are looking for and give sports fans a destination that they want to visit everyday.

I am not sure if TailgatingIdeas.com qualifies as a “small blog” seeing how Google just upped our page rank to a 4 and we pull in abut 2,500 page views a day. Then again, compared to some of the other websites we compete against in the NFL Juice fantasy football League like Deadspin and The Dirty, we might be small potatoes. Who knows, maybe one day we can go all “Ron Burgundy” on someone and pull off this line.