Drink koozies are everywhere in a tailgating parking lot. Even in the dead of winter most people employ a can koozie to protect their fingers from the bare metal aluminum can. So when a tailgating gear manufacturer approaches us with a “cool new product you have to check out“, it better be something special we haven’t all seen before. After all, you need to build a better mouse trap if you want to stand out from all the other products that have come before yours. We were approached by the folks who make the Scorzie and since it is not your run of the mill can koozie, we thought we would test it out.

Scorzie Close

As you can see from the above photo, the Scorzie is a stainless steel can koozie that allows you to keep score of your favorite tailgating game. The red and blue bands at the top have numbers on them, zero through 21, and these are intended to keep score of whatever tailgating game you are playing. Most tailgating games like cornhole or ladder ball score all the way to 21. Also, many of these tailgating tossing games not only score to 21 but also can be played with a beverage in your hand. So the concept of the Scorzie is that you can keep your drink cold and keep score all in one hand.

While testing out the sample Scorzie we were sent, there were a few major differences we feel we need to point out that are beyond the obvious aspect of it being able to keep tailgating game scores. For one, the Scorzie is a bit wider and bigger than a regular koozie. It has a stainless steel outer shell with a foam insert to keep your drink cold. The extra girth is noticeable from the moment you take it out of the box. It is not so big that you have a hard time holding it but you do notice that it is bigger. I measured a regular 12 oz. can without a koozie and it has a 8 1/4″ circumference. A regular neoprene koozie adds about an inch to that and comes in at 9 1/4″ circumference. The circumference of the Scorzie is about 11 inches total. So as you can see, it is a bit bigger but still not too big.

Also, please note that regular 12 oz. cans fit in the Scorzie nice and snug. A taller and thinner can like a Coors Light tends to move around a little and does not touch all of the foam sleeve. The same goes for most bottles. I tested it with a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and the bottle tended to rattle around in there a little bit. The numbered bands at the top moved easily and stayed in place at the designated stopping notch area. I did take it and move around quite a bit and even threw some cornhole bags to replicate using it during a tailgating tossing game. The bands stayed put and didn’t migrate to another number when movement was introduced.

All in all, if you are a one-handed tailgate game player because you always have a cold one in your hand, this may be a great product for you. No more keeping score in your head or on one of those hanging scorecards. Just click the right number for each player after each round and you never will be too far away from your beer.

The Scorzie is priced at $12.99 for a single or $24.00 if you buy two. To buy your own Scorzie, visit our online tailgating gear store and get your own Scorzie.

If you want to learn more about the product or if you would like to order one or a pair, visit: