Shark Week Drinking Game

Shark Week Drinking Game Shark Week on Discovery Channel starts this Sunday, August 4th.

We know that watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is nowhere near what we consider tailgating but a totally immature and fun drinking game based on Shark Week? Count us in.

Look at it this way. By playing the Shark Week Drinking Game it is good practice for your liver for the impending hurt you will put on it in the next few months now that football season is right around the corner. Here are the rules.
Shark Week Drinking Game Rules
In addition to liver training for tailgating, we thought Shark Week would also provide a fun way to get together with friends. Something that would be fun to include in your Shark Week watch parties would be to have Shark Can Koozies.
Shark koozies
Shark Can Koozies are exactly what they look like. It is a can koozie that looks like a shark is eating your can from the bottom up but also keeps your can colder longer than without insulation. Might be a fun addition to your watch party to have your can kept cold by a shark. Another product that might go well with the Shark Week Drinking Game would be the Scorzie.
Originally designed to keep score during tailgating games like cornhole, Washer Toss or Ladder Toss while keeping your drink cold, the Scorzie could easily make the transition to keep score during the Shark Week Drinking Game. Just assign one person to be score keeper and to account for how many sips need to be taken. This avoids confusion and keeps the game orderly and fun. And the best part is the score keeper can keep score right there on his/her koozie.

Have fun this week but please know your limit. NEVER drink and drive and always designate a driver.