Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2012

Stocking Stuffer Ideas
You may have already found that perfect gift for that tailgater on your holiday gift list (undoubtedly thanks to our Holiday Gift Guide 2012 we published a few days ago) but what about that extra small thing that fits into their stocking? The biggest complaint gift givers this time of the year have is finding that perfect stocking stuffer. The challenge is clear finding something cool and unique that isn’t a gift card but is small enough and light enough it won’t rip down the stocking off the mantle. Have no fear, we are back with another edition of Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tailgaters 2012 Edition. Without further delay, let’s get to it…


You want to keep your drink cold and you want to play any of the numerous tailgating games like cornhole, washers, ladder toss, etc. You don’t want to put your drink down but you do want to keep accurate score while playing. The dilemma has been solved with the Scorzie. The Scorzie is a can koozie that not only keeps your canned beverage cold but also helps your keep score. The Scorzie has red and blue scoring bands that can be moved to keep score of your tailgating game. No need to keep score in your head or use one of those bulky scoring boards where you are moving clothespins. Now you never have to guess the score because you can keep the score and keep the party going all in your hand. The Scorzie is less than $15 and can be purchased HERE.


Scoreband Grey
Yet another way to keep score while playing your favorite tailgating game is the Scoreband. It looks like a sporty wristwatch but has a lot more functions than just telling time. You can set it as a watch and wear it during the week but once out tailgating, you can set it to “All Score Mode” and keep track of the score of your game to 21. It keeps track of the score for both teams playing. It also has a “Golf Mode”and you can keep track of your double and triple bogeys out on the links. During the testing and review of this product, our writer Chris intentionally spilled a beer on the ScoreBand to see how it would hold up under real tailgating environments. It passed and kept on going despite the beer sacrifice. The ScoreBand comes in either black or white and in a variety of color trims for less than $30. You can get your own at:

Bottle Grips

Bottle Grip
Most people when they see the Bottle Grip they think, “Oh, how funny. A way to give your bottle a handle to look like a mug”. What most people don’t realize is that not only does a Bottle Grip make it easier to hold and pick up your bottle but it actually keeps your bottle colder, longer. Once you get past the novelty of adding a handle to your bottle you realize that by removing your hand from the bottle, your hand stays warm and dry while the bottle stays cold. Removing your hand from holding the bottle directly eliminates that body heat transfer that can warm up your bottle sooner than had you just left it sitting on a table. Plus you look cool with a handle on your bottle. An additional bonus is if everyone is drinking the same brand at the tailgate party, just remember what color your Bottle Grip is and never have to try and remember where you put your bottle down. Bottle grips come in a 2-Pack and cost less than $5. Get Bottle Grips HERE.

Shotgun Champ

Shotgun Champ
Shotgunning beers while tailgating is quite commonplace these days, especially on college game day Saturdays. Most people tend to use sharp objects like a knife, keys or a screwdriver to puncture a hole in the side of a can for shotgunning. The Shotgun Champ is a plastic cup with a mouthpiece at the bottom that is designed for Shotgunning. The Shotgun Champ has a hexagonal slotted pyramid at the base that punctures a hole in the base of your beer can. There is a mouth piece at the side of the cup where you will receive your beer rapidly. And when we say rapidly, we mean really fast. The Shotgun Champ is designed to empty a 12 oz can in less than two seconds. For proof, check out the video:

YouTube video

The Shotgun Champ fits perfectly into any tailgaters stocking and priced at $7 a piece, you can’t pass this one up. You can get the Shotgun Champ HERE.

Opena iPhone Bottle Opener Case

iPhone Bottle Opener case Featured
We’re willing to bet that someone on your gift list has an iPhone and also likes to drink beer. This stocking stuffer combines the two with the Opena case. It’s an iPhone hard case with a sliding bottle opener that fits both the iPhone 4 and the newly released iPhone 5. Just slide out the opener, pop the top off the bottle, slide it back in and proceed to drunk dial your ex-girlfriend. Priced at around $40 this is the geekiest tailgating gadget that is perfectly at home in the tailgating parking lot. Get one at