Boobie Koozies

Bobble Babes Boobie koozie Until the weather starts getting colder, we all want to keep our cans and bottles cold while tailgating. The standard bottle and can koozies are pretty much everywhere in the parking lot. Most of them are sporting the colors and logo of the team you support. But what if there was a can or bottle koozie out there that could show your support for (and I think I am speaking for the men out there) something we all can agree on? Boobs. Introducing Bobble Babes can and bottle koozies.

Taking a look at the accompanying photo, Bobble Babes koozies are exactly what they look like. A can or bottle koozie with a statuesque young lady whose lady parts are silicone and bounce on small springs. Look people, they aren’t inventing the wheel or perfecting fire here. They’re motto is “Give her a wiggle and watch them jiggle” and that is exactly what they do. For some visual proof, check out the video demonstration.


I was sent a sample of these and tested them out personally, you know, for scientific reasons and to maintain my journalistic credibility. The koozies keep your drink cold and the girl on the front makes for an interesting conversation piece. So if you are looking to spice up your tailgating kit and maybe even as a gag gift for one of your tailgating buddies, this might be right up your alley.

Bobble Babes koozies come in sizes to fit aluminum cans, glass bottles, they even have caps and hats, golf club covers and Bobble Babes figurine statues. Those might replace that worn out Hula Girl you’ve had on your dashboard for years. Want a different type? They offer camouflage bikini top babes and when Christmas rolls around, try a Bobble Babe with jingle bells. Not only can your watch them wiggle, you’ll also get to hear that jingle.

Can koozies start at $6.99 a piece and bottle koozies are $7.99 per unit. Three-packs are also available for $20.97 for the bottle koozies and $17.97 for the can koozies. If you want to know how much hats, caps and golf club covers cost, you’ll have to visit their website to find out. I am a bit distracted at the moment as I drink my Diet Coke.

To learn more about Bobble Babes Boobie Koozies, visit their website: