Cap-Trap Sample Arrives

Cap-Trap dispose
If you have been a long time reader of this tailgating blog all the way back in 2008, you may recall a post we did featuring the Cap-Trap: The Eco-Friendly Bottle Opener.

Back in 2008, the Cap-Trap was still in the conceptual stage and the manufacturers did not even have any prototypes to send us as a sample to test and review. We did the write up on the concept of the product without ever seeing it or testing it. As many of you know, we have evolved as a tailgating blog and we turn down doing product reviews unless we can actually get our hands on it to see with our own eyes if it truly is “tailgate approved”.

So why are we dragging out a product review post from nearly four years ago that wasn’t even a review? Simply stated, we finally got a sample of the Cap-Trap to test out for ourselves.

In a nutshell, the Cap-Trap is a portable environmentally friendly bottle opener that holds up to 25 opened bottle caps. The trap door on the bottom when released empties the Cap-Trap’s handle where the caps are stored until you are ready to recycle or throw them away. To read more details on the Cap-Trap features and functions we encourage you to read the original posting from 2008. (Here’s another link to to it.)

Upon receiving the sample Cap-Trap we were surprised as to how close to the original concept the actual product was. Of course as soon as we took it out of the packaging we had to test it out. Into the fridge we went and grabed an imported beer. (Such are the hazards of this job…) Because the top of the bottle was covered up by the Cap-Trap when placed on the cap, I was suspicious that it might be difficult to get the opener portion to grab onto the bottle cap. Surprisingly it was very easy to get the bottle opener section on the cap and it popped off easily. There was no wiggling the Cap-Trap around to “feel” if the bottle cap was in the right position. It was as if the Cap-Trap guided itself down on top of the cap for an easy open.

Upon opening the bottle, the cap fell to the bottom of the handle and there was plenty of room for more in there. We didn’t open up 24 more bottle to test the manufacturer’s claim it can hold 25 caps but judging by the size of the handle and the capacity, we believe them.

Since getting the Cap-Trap to market has been a number of years in the making, they are finally ready to start putting them out in stores and selling them online. So if you are interested in being one of the first tailgaters to have one, we would encourage you to visit their website at and place your name on their interest list.