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Tailgating Gear Review: The RoboCup

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Finding a safe place to put your drink while tailgating is almost as hard as finding that perfect parking spot in the tailgating parking lot. Placing your drink on a table or even in the cup holder of a chair could expose your can or bottle to errant tips and spills from being bumped or knocked over. You have to admit, there are a lot of people moving around at a tailgate party and most of them are not looking out for your beer so it doesn’t get knocked over.

We were recently contacted by the folks who make The RoboCup. They told us it would be a great way for tailgaters to keep their drinks safe and secure and would place them in areas around the tailgate party that generally go unused. As with any new product that claims to be the latest and greatest thing that will solve all your tailgating problems, we told the folks at RoboCup to send us a sample and we will test it out for ourselves. But first, take a look at their demo video to see The RoboCup in action.

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When the sample arrived, the first thing we noticed was the professional packaging. This wasn’t just a product thrown in a brown box with some packing peanuts sprinkled in. The samples all came in professionally designed packaging letting you know these guys are legit and are not some fly by night start up.

Solid packaging is nice but if the product doesn’t work, you can have all the fancy packaging in the world and it won’t bring people back to use your product. Once we got the RoboCup out of the package, the first thing we tested was the clamping section of the RoboCup. We wanted to see how strong these clamping jaws really were and how steady and sturdy drinks would stay inside the RoboCup.

The clamping jaws are very strong and I found myself challenging myself to see if I could find something it wouldn’t hold onto. Soon I was taking outside down to the pool area and seeing where else I could clamp this thing. I snapped some pictures of me testing out the RoboCup down by the pool.

As you can see from the photos, The RoboCup can be placed on nearly any surface and will hold your drinks, keys, tools, deck of cards and just about anything you can think of. In the video you saw that the bottom unscrews and opens up allowing you to use it as a flag pole holder or you can put your fishing pole in there.

Another aspect of the RoboCup we liked was that it comes with a five year warranty. That’s confidence in your product if you are willing to stand by it for five years knowing tailgaters like us who demand durability and longevity in our tailgating gear will be using it every weekend.

The final piece of the puzzle that sold us on the RoboCup was the price. Priced at under $20 for a single clamp RoboCup that includes the two cup holders, we thought that was not only reasonable but down right affordable.

All things considered, the strength of the RoboCup’s clamp, the versatility and portability combined with the heavy duty craftsmanship and affordable price, the RoboCup is definitely “Tailgate Approved“.

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