Bug Free Sealer

Bug Free Sealer bottle capFor those of you tailgaters that prefer to consume your beverages from glass bottles, this is a product you may be interested in. It’s called the Bug Free Sealer. It’s a plastic cap that fits onto most alcoholic bottles and it protects your bottle from bugs, foreign objects and germs.

Setting your beer bottle down on a table or the unfolded tailgate can create some hazards not only to yourself but to your precious beer. Flies or other bugs could fly in the open top of your bottle looking to enjoy the party too. Someone could mistakenly pick up your beer bottle and drink from it and when they realize it was not theirs, fail to tell you in order to avoid embarrassment. Another hazard could be someone bumps the table or leans over and accidentally knocks over your bottle spilling the remaining beer all over the parking lot. If you had a colorful plastic cap on your beer bottle, you could avoid all those potential pitfalls.

I was sent a few sample Bug Free Sealer Caps and they performed as expected. They slipped onto a number of glass bottles and held snuggly. When I was ready to take a drink, I just flipped up the protective cap with my thumb to expose the top of the bottle. Once done with my sip, I placed the flip cap back on the top of the bottle and it was closed and protected.

When testing the Bug Free Sealer Caps it occurred to me that the numerous color choices would also come in handy at a tailgate party. Normally one brand of beer is purchased and brought to a tailgate. Identifying which bottle belongs to whom can be a daunting task. By remembering what color your Bug Free Sealer cap was, you’ll be able to pick out which bottle was yours if you set it down near others of the same brand. Think of it as a wine charm but for your beer bottle that keeps you germ and bug free.

The Bug Free Sealer is a reusable product and can be washed in the dishwasher. They come in single packages and also in pairs. A single Bug Free Sealer cap costs $3.25 but the pair pack will cost you $3.99. To learn more about the Bug Free Sealer or to buy one or two of your own, visit their website: bugfreesealer.com

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