Shotgun Mug

Until the powers that be ban the consumption of alcohol in tailgating parking lots, there will always be those tailgaters that want to drink their drink just a little faster than “normal”.

Call it what you want. Shotgunning, beer bonging or good old fashioned chug-a-lugging, tailgaters have found all different ways to drink their beer quicker.

We were recently sent the Shotgun Mug to test out and review to see if it can be placed along side the other rapid delivery devices that are already in the Tailgating Hall of Fame. Will it come out on the other end “Tailgate Approved”? Read on to find out.

Shotgun Mug

At first glance, the Shotgun Mug looks like a regular plastic mug complete with an easy grip handle and holds 32 oz. The aspect that makes this device different is the tubing that is attached to the bottom of the mug and is held upright by fitting onto a holder that extends from the rim of the mug. Once removed from the holder, the liquid in the cup moves into the tube. Simply place the end of the tube in your mouth, raise the base of the mug above your mouth and gravity takes over. Chug the remainder of your drink before it gets too warm or at the end of the tailgate party, finish your drink before heading inside for the game or concert. (We don’t recommend chugging the entire 32 oz. all at once.)

Upon testing, the Shotgun Mug passed with flying colors. When the tube was removed from the holder, it behaved like a personal beer bong. No need to have another person holding the funnel and no need to get down on one knee. The handle makes the Shotgun Mug easy to hold and the tube is short enough you don’t need a second person to help hold it. If you are looking for a receptacle that let’s you beer bong without the assistance from others, this is your mug.

Shotgun Mugs assorted colors

Upon testing we can definitely say the Shotgun Mug is “Tailgate Approved”. Just make sure the parking lots you take it to are alcohol friendly and don’t mind the display of chugging a beer out in the open. Even if you fill it with something non-alcoholic, the tube on the side will alert anyone and everyone that this mug is designed for rapid drinking at some point.

The Shotgun Mug comes in a variety of colors including red, black, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange and green. So now you can finish your beer while sporting the colors of your favorite team.

The Shotgun Mug costs $15.99 plus $11 for USPS Priority Mail shipping. You can get your own Shotgun Mug in our online tailgating gear store HERE.