Stickey Cup Holder

Some of the best tailgating gear can be the simplest. Take for example the cup holder in your car. Now it is not really tailgating gear but you have to admit it was a pretty good idea. Before someone had the brilliant idea to create a space that would hold a beverage in a moving vehicle without it spilling, we just held a drink in our hands or clenched it between our legs. As with tailgating, many of us use unfolded tailgates, tables or even the ground to put down our drink when we aren’t drinking it. (Although, I have to admit, the Pole Caddy is pretty ingenious.) The problem with those old school solutions is that your drink can get kicked or knocked over by unsuspecting tailgate party guests. Along comes the Stickey Cup that now prevents your can or bottle from tipping over and spilling. (Click images to see larger, more detailed views)

As you can see from the above photos, the Stickey Cup is a plastic cup itself with a rubber suction cup on its base. I was sent a sample Stickey Cup and was amazed at how well it stuck to flat, non-porous surfaces. I stuck the Stickey Cup to my granite counter top in the kitchen and placed an open can of soda in it. I intentionally bumped and knocked at the Stickey Cup and it would not budge. The width of the cup is also wide enough to handle cans, bottles and even tumblers. As I was testing it I thought to myself, “If I had a few of these years ago, how many spilled cans of beer could I have back in my life right now?”.  Take a look at a few videos of the Stickey Cup in action.




As you can see in the videos, a few of them tested the Stickey Cup on moving vehicles. Although the tailgating nation out there will not be driving with these on their cars, it does demonstrate how well they stick to the exterior of vehicles. The best part is the rubber and plastic will not harm your paint’s finish.

The Stickey Cup retails for $6.95 for a single or get two for $12. For more information or to order your own Stickey Cup, visit: