Beer Review: Arrogant Bastard Ale

So, how did you guys do with your homework assignment? So far I’ve developed a small yet deeply disturbed following. If you’re one of those, you know that your assignment was to go to the place you buy beer and try something new.

Following my own advice I went to the supermarket today to get some beer and found myself almost reaching for something familiar. Then at the last second I remembered my assignment. (Is it bad that I had a hard time finding something that I’ve never had before?) I’m ashamed to admit that I found A beer I had never tried in the form of Arrogant Bastard Ale.

I’ve seen this beer many many times but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it….until today! The name didn’t do much for me but after reading the bottle I had to try it. Seriously folks, look for this beer and just read the entire bottle and enjoy. This American style strong ale is brewed by Stone Brewing Company in San Diego County California. The 1 pint 6 FL.Oz bottle is packed with attitude and confidence in their beer. Let’s give it a taste.

Appearance: For this one I pulled out a large glass beer mug and poured it on in. From the talk on the bottle I expected it to punch me in the face on the way in. It poured dark brown with a light haze. When I held it out in the light (while walking out to the BBQ) it really did look almost almond or blood red stained. The head was about an inch and had a creamy look to it and lighter in color then expected.

Smell: HOPS! Lots of hops is what I smelled with a bit of sweetness in the background.

Taste: Just like it smells…only this time picture a sweet tasting beer that just got the hell kicked out of it by some bad ass hops. The sweet taste is still there, only now it’s curled up in the fetal position bleeding in the corner. Have to admit it that I like it a lot. Strong ale is my beer of choice so this is right in my wheelhouse. For most I would say that it would be a bit too much in the hops arena and the aftertaste may bother some, but not this kid. If you the like beer with…,well simply put, arrogance, do yourself a favor and try it.

Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%

Cost: The bottle costs me $3.99

Final Breakdown: I’m going to give myself more homework assignments! I’ve seen this beer so many times and yet never tried it. I really like it a lot. This being said, not sure if it is the best tailgating beer. It has the traditional problems of being a dark beer that frightens many away. Also it has a higher ABV% than most beers and more then twice the macro light beers. Some tailgaters may find it too much for a long day in the sun drinking. Will I bring this beer to my next tailgate…..NO! I’m not running the risk of wasting this on potential tailgate moochers. I’m loading up the fridge at home and keeping it for myself.