Removable Tailgating System

rts1.jpgTailgating is one of those things that if you can dream it, (and have the money) you can do it. We’ve all seen tailgating vehicles that are tricked out to the max with all kinds of gadgets and toys. The problem is that a lot of those custom vehicles are not functional beyond the tailgating lot. Seriously, would you be able to roll into work driving this?

Most tailgaters use their regular everyday truck or SUV to go tailgating. That means it needs to serve your Monday through Friday life but still available on weekends for tailgating. I recently discovered a company in Texas that specializes in installing and manufacturing removable tailgating systems. These systems are fully “pop it in and pull it on out” systems that you have to see to believe.

The company is called Imagi-Motive and they are based out of Conroe, TX. Imagi-Motive’s tailgating systems incorporates all of the major features of a custom tailgating system into a removable system that allows you to use your vehicle when you’re not tailgating. Their most popular package comes stock with a 42″ flat screen LCD TV, Moto-Sat self-finding satellite system, DVD player, satellite receiver, fiberglass keg-well, tables and chairs to your theme, microwave/coffee maker combination, 2000 watt Honda generator, beer and fresh water taps on the shoulders of the truck bed, EZ-Up pop up tent and a Freedom Grill FG-50. The best part is the entire system is completely removable when the tailgate party is over, freeing up your truck for your life outside the parking lot.

Check out the video slide show they put together showcasing the functionality of the removable tailgate system.


How it works:

  • You back under the tailgating tub and lower it into your truck bed using the linear actuators that are in the tub.
  • You attach your Freedom Grill FG-50 to your tailgate and head for the game.
  • Once in your parking spot, you raise the lid on your tub to expose the system.
  • Hook up your Honda generator (included) and fire it up.
  • Hook up the keg, set up the microwave and coffee maker.
  • Lower the big screen TV and open the satellite dish.
  • Fire up the BBQ and you’re ready to tailgate.

When your finished:

  • Back under your storage area. (garage or H-frame storage rack (optional)
  • Raise the lid on your tailgate tub.
  • Attach chains to the four corners of the lid.
  • Close the linear actuators and raise the tub out of your truck.
  • Now it’s ready for next time and you can use your truck, as usual.

The official website conveniently does not list any pricing on what this type of system will run you. (I guess if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.) If you are in the market to take your tailgating to the next level you may want to check them out. Let them know you read about them on