Tailgating Hall of Shame: FedEx Field Car Fires

Dumb people annoy me. I get especially irritated when dumb people are tailgaters and they do dumb things to give us all a bad name.

A good example would be getting too drunk and acting a fool to the point where stadiums start limiting tailgating times. Or how about putting a red hot BBQ grill in the trunk of your car and then heading into the game. Wait, what!?!

MYFoxDC: Grill Sparks Vehicle Fires Outside Fed Ex Field
International Fire Fighting News: Firefighters Work To Contain Fire That Damaged 9 Vehicles
WTOP News: Fire damages vehicles at FedEx Field

This Einstein not only burned up his own car but eight or nine other cars parked near his. Estimated total damage = $150,000. The fire occurred in the Orange Lot, Section H34 of FedEx field prior to the Redskins vs. Steelers game on Monday Night Football. The good news is that no tailgaters or fire fighters were injured as a result of the fire.

I haven’t seen any video of the fire surface on the web just yet but I would imagine it looked a bit like this… only with eight more cars involved.


Here’s a tip on how to avoid this situation. Get yourself a Freedom Grill FG-50. It attaches to your tow hitch and rides outside your vehicle. You could do that or just use common sense that hot charcoal inside the trunk of a car is probably not safe. Just a hunch.