Tailgating is for Grown-Ups

Whether you live on the east coast or the west coast I am sure by now you have heard about the Philadelphia fan who purposely vomited on an 11-year old girl during a recent Phillies game.  Without question that fan was an idiot and there is zero excuse for that type of behavior anywhere, anytime! 

Though the national media might make you believe this incident is yet another case of Philly fans being Philly fans, it isn’t.  Instead this incident highlights the problem of underage or binge drinking at pre-game tailgates by minors and college kids at each and every stadium throughout the country.  The result is tailgating getting a “black-eye” and chatter of trying to end tailgating.

This drinking issue was again proven true during Friday’s Phillies – Marlins game which I attended .  A few rows in front of us was a kid who couldn’t have been more than 18 years old.  The kid was obviously wasted as he could barely sit straight and was spewing curses to the fans around him.  Unfortunately for that kid and us fans his mouth angered a group of college kids sitting directly behind him.  The stupid mouth lead to tough guys with beer muscles, beers being thrown, and 2 stadium injections.

With drinking laws and rules governing the in-stadium concession stands these kids weren’t getting their alcohol inside the stadium.  These kids were getting tanked outside the stadium during the pre-game tailgate.  To that I say what is the point? 

If you feel the need to get yourself tanked, save the money you are putting towards a game ticket, stay at your dorm, and get yourself a couple of cases of cheap-ass, watered down beer for $20.  The evening will be more enjoyable for yourself and will make the tailgates, games, and highways safer for others.

Tailgating is one of life’s greatest enjoyments.  You get to enjoy being outside.  You get to enjoy dressing up like the stars on the field.  You get to avoid life’s everyday stress.  You get to over indulge in the fattiest of foods.  You get to light up a stogie.  You get to enjoy quality brews.  In short, it’s utopia.  And because of this we tailgaters don’t need idiot kids screwing up our good times while they get their buzz on.

Is there a solution to the problem of underage and binge drinking? 

Unfortunately with city budgets constantly being slashed I am not really sure if you could add extra police to patrol the lots.  Maybe instead of the police already on-site concerning themselves with T-shirt vendors and scalpers or incorrectly directing traffic, they can concentrate on this real problem.  Parking lot attendants probably aren’t qualified to check cars or IDs upon entering the lot.  But maybe the companies could increase training or improve the qualifcations of their hires?  Maybe it’s fellow tailgaters policing the lots themselves, but then again who wants to work when you should be enjoying yourself?  Or maybe it’s as simple as I suggested and kids wising up and saving their money to party at home (if they are of proper age of course)? 

I feel like a grumpy, old man with this post but even I have reached my end.  I don’t want to lose my tailgates.  I don’t want to have my in-the-stadium experience ruined by fans who have zero interest in the game action. 

Anyone have any suggestions? 

Ok, back to my humor posts!