Weekend Wrap #14: Link You Later Next Week

news_wrap.jpgLast week’s Weekend Wrap had almost 30 news and blog links included. That’s good and bad news. It’s great news in that there are more and more people blogging about tailgating and more and more “mainstream” news agencies are writing about tailgating. The bad news is that compiling all those links and news stories about tailgating is not only time consuming for me but can take a lot of time to read them all for you. With that in mind, I am happy to announce that I will be expanding the Weekend Wrap to include a mid-week edition starting next week. You’ll still get all the tailgating news and blog posts but you won’t have to wait all week to read them. I’m just thinking out loud but the mid-week wrap up will probably be posted on Wednesdays. Feel free to leave a comment here with suggestion on what we should call it. If I decide to use your suggested title, I’ll give you full credit in the inaugural post next week. Now, on to the news of this week in tailgating.

  • Lazy Man and Health uses a tailgate party as an excuse to eat two meals.
  • Tom McMahon, the executive director of the Democratic National Committee, reflects on fond memories of tailgating while attending the University of Iowa.
  • University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls task force will review university alcohol policy in regards to tailgating.
  • PNC Bank Arts Center promoter defends the decision to ban tailgating prior to selected concerts.
  • Sarah O’Meara and Brent Bergeron had a UL Ragin’ Cajun tailgate party theme bridal shower this past week.
  • Supermegacool hates Nascar but loves tailgating. (She accidentally flashed her boobs to two former co-workers.)
  • Mvictors.com provides video proof that watching too much professional wrestling combined with tailgating does not mix.
  • BCS Frenzy used a Memorial Day cookout as an incentive to get fired up for tailgating in the fall.
  • The Glen Echo Friday night contra dance tailgate party inspired this tune.
  • BBQFreaks.com shares his experience tailgating prior to the Indy 500.
  • College Baseball is more like a religion at Wichita State and apparently tailgating before college baseball games is taken very seriously.
  • The cleanup is underway at a Superfund site near the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, not far from where many tailgating fans park before Jaguars games.
  • The Southern California Drive-in Movie Society kicked off the summer movie season by hosting a tailgater screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Mr. BaconPants suggest to fight the high price of gas you should ride your cooler to your next tailgate party.
  • U.S. Senator Jon Tester was spotted in Fairbanks, Alaska tailgating prior to the Elton John concert.
  • Rick and Tammy Mercer are king and queen of OSU baseball tailgating.
  • Leftover tailgate party cupcakes make kids happy.
  • If you want to go to a party in Amsterdam and help a good cause at the same time, check out the We Love STEIM Tailgating party.

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