Sneaking a Drink

I would ask if anyone else is frustrated with the ever rising gas prices, but I already know that the answer is YES!  Damn gas prices are going up everyday, sometimes even twice a day!

Since we need gas to get to and from everywhere our disposable income is taking yet another hit.  Less money means more stress and one of the best ways to reduce the stress is to drink (in moderation of course).  And since we are tailgaters the obvious best place to drink is the parking lot.  But since you are tailgating there will of course be an end to your drinking…when you head inside the stadium.

Sure you could (and we do) continue drinking once inside the stadium, but the beer prices are ridiculously high and we need that extra cash to gas up the car to get back home!  The obvious (and in my opinion the correct) solution is to bring your alcohol inside the stadium.  Sure it’s wrong but the owners and players have enough of our cash and what’s an extra $8-$10 when the salary of a MLB player is about to reach 30 million per year!

But how does one get the alcohol into the stadium?  Easy, just check out Papa’s Bert website.  For a change this isn’t a sponsored post, no free samples were provided to this fan.  Instead I spent quality work time at the office searching the Internet for some gadgets to transport the alcohol into the stadium.  The result was stumbling across this site.

A quick look at the site shows a wide range of “alcohol sneaking in” gadgets.  Maybe one day I will get to try them all, but at this time I purchased and tried both the “Key Chain Flask” and the “Cell Phone Flask“.  The combination of cold weather, weekday games, and the fact that the games were basketball and hockey games I skipped tailgating (yes, a true sin for a tailgate writer).  Instead the small cooler in the car was filled with some mini-bottles of Jack Daniels.

After we parked the car (it still amazes me that parking in the same lot for a football game costs almost three time the amount to park for a basketball and hockey game) we took out our flask key chains and filled them with Jack.  My buddy and I each had a key chain, with each key chain holding about 1 shot of alcohol.  Next we filled the cell phone flask with the rest of the Jack, about 3 shots of alcohol.  Next it was up to the stadium we went.

Would we be able to get into the stadium with the alcohol?  Yep, no problem at all.  Of course the key chains were not even searched and when the security attendant at the entrance felt the phone in my coat pocket I simply said, “just my cell phone.”  A nod of the head by the security dude and we were safely inside the stadium.  All that was left to do was buy a couple large Cokes, empty our flasks, and enjoy the game.  Mission accomplished, money saved, and the home teams even won the games.

So this fan definitely recommends checking out Papa Bert’s website.  The gadgets are really cool and more importantly they work.  And don’t forget…they save you cash to later pass over to Big Oil!