Technical Difficulties Fixed! But Not Quite 100%

If you are a regular visitor to this website or you came across it in the past 24 hours, I’d like to apologize to all of you. Right off the bat I will admit that even though I run this website almost 100% by myself I am not a technical kind of guy. When it comes to a lot of the back-end administration types of things I get a bit confused. What I am trying to say is I broke something critical on the website and it took me a day to fix it.

If you missed what happened and are morbidly curious as to what I did, in a nutshell, the home page was rendering with errors and individual posts and pages were not rendering at all. There was a general problem with my theme that I was trying to fix and in the process I broke it even further. That is why you are now seeing the previous theme we were using last fall. I am going to work on getting the last theme to work properly or do yet another site redesign. Yes, I know, what a joy!

So now that I have things restored somewhat back to normal we’ll be doing some house cleaning and trying to work out some remaining bugs. Be patient and we hope these small hiccups don’t discourage you from coming back often.