Mailbag: Disposable Flasks Arrived The Other Day

disposable_flasks.jpgLast year around this time the folks at sent me a care package. It consisted of eight different styles of disposable flasks for me to test out and to use while tailgating. (I actually used a few last week while tailgating before the Chargers/Seahawks pre-season game.)

Just the other day I went to the mailbox and much to my surprise was another bubble wrapped package with a number of disposable flasks in there. I guess they have ESP and knew that football tailgating was rapidly approaching and that I would need a few soon. Or they just thought by sending me a few would prompt me to write about them and their product on my website. No matter what their motivation, it worked because here I am writing a public thank you to them.

(Hint: Sending me free stuff greatly increases your chances of me mentioning your product on I’m just saying)

If you haven’t seen the video of how to use these disposable flasks, check them out. The first one demonstrates how to fill one up, how durable they really are and how to hide them. The second video shows one in use at an Ohio State football game last season.



As you can see these are designed to make sneaking your own hooch into the game and past security a bit easier. Now you can take that $5 large cola and make it into a Jack & Coke. But even if you are not planning on sneaking liquor into the stadium, Disposable Flasks are great for tailgating. If you want to have a few different liquors available to make some mixed drinks while tailgating you don’t have to bring the entire bottle with you. You can bring rum, vodka, whiskey, tequila and Jagermeister in these flasks and not have to bring the five bottles. Plus, many stadium parking areas are cracking down on glass containers. Just pour your liquor into the Disposable Flask and leave the glass at home.

They are running a six-pack special over at for $9.99 which includes two funnels. Not a bad deal if you ask me. Click HERE for the special. Thanks for the disposable flasks guys! I’ll make good use of them.